Tools to Check Plagiarism and Steps to Catch Content Theft

Copied content is a major problem for webmasters and SEO analyst. Conducting regular SEO audit can keep a site healthy. If you publish articles from guest articles, you must do a plagiarism check before you proceed to publish. Publishing duplicate content can affect the overall ranking of the site, unless you remove the copied content, no amount of link building or off-page seo will remedy the problem. We have compiled a list of tools to help you check copied content.

These are Few Tools to Check Plagiarism

Here’s Why You Should Remove Duplicate Posts

plagiarism checker tools

Here’s why you have to worry about publishing plagiarism content on your website. There is absolutely no advantage of publishing copied post except disadvantages.

Some may neglect the impact of publishing plagiarism content on their blog or website, but in the long run, it is going to impact the whole site even if few of your content is duplicate content. In recent times, Google has constantly updated its search algorithms that have killed thousands of websites. Even though Google considers more than a 100 factors to rank a site or to penalize it, one of the major factors for google banning a site could be lack of original content. Content is king in internet marketing, so you can’t taste success,  if you try a duplicate king.

Some important implications of plagiarism content on SEO rankings.

  • Search engines can easily determine a copied content and hence remove all the pages from its index for search results..
  • If you are on Blogger/Blogspot, then Google has right to completely delete our blog without any questions or warning message. as a results all the other hard-work and time you spent will be lost.
  • If someone asks any doubts or questions on that particular post then you will not be able to answer any of them, Because you know nothing about that, since it is not your work. You may need to refer to the original authors website to get an answer.
  • Google and almost every search engine hates duplicate contents. As a results you will lose the Pagerank as penalty.

 Advantages of original content.

Steps to Prevent Content Theft
  • Content is King, so why be a duplicate kind when you can make a true king content.
  • You’ll have less to worry about Google penalty or search engine rankings.
  • Unique content will carry more value to your site in terms of reputation and SEO authority.
  • You’ll end up less time cleaning the mess of doing SEO audit for the whole site.

Steps to Prevent Content Theft

Even if you have done everything right, there are chances that your content can be stolen and the stolen site may sometimes strangely rank higher than you. So here’s what you can do to prevent your original work being published elsewhere.

  1. Use excerpts for RSS feeds, a lot of auto bots use RSS feeds to fetch your content and auto publish it.
  2. Add copyright text below RSS feed.
    For ex:
  3. Add copyright watermark to all of your post images
  4. Conduct SEO audit with Plagiarism checker tools mentioned above.

If you do find your content stolen, file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA complaint to search engines.

  1. Google DMCA Form: Google takes content theft complaints seriously, and you can expect an action for sure, even if sometimes it takes a while for them to respond.
  2. Yahoo’s Copyright Policy: Yahoo doesn’t have a mechanism that lets you report content theft, but you can find some help from this page.
  3. Bing Infringement Form: Bing from Microsoft, has a form which you can fill out and report content theft.

Submitting the DMCA complaint content Infringement will pretty much make sure that the copied content is removed from the search engine index.

Tools to Check Plagiarism and Steps to Catch Content Theft 1
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