Bite Sms Has Now Been Released for Apple IOS 5

If you are one of the people testing the iOS 5 beta on your device, we have good news for you. biteSMS has been released for the iOS 5 beta. biteSMS is a very popular app which replaces the native in iOS.

Announcement Made On Twitter

This news was directly announced by the biteSMS’s twitter account, the tweet was sent out a few hours ago which announced the release of iOS 5 supported version of biteSMS. According to the tweet, this biteSMS version is a very early beta, so we can expect a lot bugs and issues in this version but when the developers tested the app, they stated that it is pretty stable and good to go for now. So, if you have been using this app on the previous iOS versions and you were desperately waiting for it in the latest beta versions of iOS 5, here it is. And for those who are still new to it, do check it out, as it is very effective and cool replacement of your native Messages application. IOS 5 is most likely going to be used in iPhone 5 as well.

According to biteSMS forums:

On bitssms forum, they have come up and made an announcement that they have been receiving a lot of emails forBite SMS Application potential users and showing huge concern in becoming beta tester of their product, they have made a decision for the betterment of community and publicly releasing this particular IOS 5 compliant version. They will be using public beta repos for this release

Bitsms also suggested that this is one of their most stable releases and both users and testers will like the user interface and how sleek the integration of Quick Compose, Quick Reply and all these functions integration with Apple's notification center. It doesn't end here. theya lso clarified that iMessage functions perfectly inside biteSMS.

Only install if you are running iOS 5!

This early beta version has a new look for many functions like, Quick Compose and Quick Reply. biteSMS is also integrated deeply with the new and improved Notification Center in iOS 5. Developers also stated that this biteSMS also works with the newly added iMessages app.

Some of the issues which came in front are that, some features aren’t working, it crashes sometimes, iPod touch is not supported and animations are bit slower. It is highly expected that these issues will be solved when the stable and final version of iOS 5 is released, so, do not worry and enjoy this awesome app on yourJailbroken and iOS 5 beta running device. It is now available at Cydia store.