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    Best Discord Music Bots 1

    Discord is a well established gaming chat service in the market. Initially it was a simple gamers’ platform. It has rapidly grown into a large community in last three years. The reason behind the success of discord is its user friendly interface and mind-blowing features. No other gaming chat service in the industry can match the expertise of discord. Discord has many interesting features but most compelling is its intelligence to incorporate bots. Today most trending discord bots are music bots. 

    Since you’re already here, do check out our list of best discord bots

    Music bots are most famous and fun types of discord bots. Discord supports both voice and text channels. You can join a voice channel with discord music to stream live music from SoundCloud, YouTube and many other sources. With the help of music bots you can play music in the background when the entire community is chattering. As a discord server admin, if you use discord music bots it can enhance the whole experience for your members.

    In this article I have brought the best discord music bots options for you. Let’s go over these amazing music bots and their features.


    It is one of the best discord music bots you can consider. Currently, over 5.5 million discord servers are using this enthusiastic music bots. It is amended to stay lag free. It is constantly being updated with repairs and improvements. It supports multiple streaming sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch and many more. The most distinguishable feature of rythm is its capability to sequence the songs from your playlists automatically after your current queue is empty. To play songs, you can directly input the links or search by using search command. It is easy to use. It also shows you the lyrics of songs when playing. Rythm works in voice channels only not in the text channels. So if you are looking for great discord music bots for voice channel, just go for it.


    Groovy is a feature rich discord music bots. It is a better option because of its uptime and comfort of use. It supports YouTube, Spotify, Apple music, SoundCloud and many more. It offers seeking, shuffling, displaying lyrics, queuing features to its users. It also has a permissions system to limit the bots to certain users. It allows you to play songs by search method through link or name of the song. Different services supported by groovy include song search, song loops, lyrics search, play and pause, song shuffling in a playlist, removing songs from a playlist and more. 

    It also has various premium features including changing the bass boost, pitch and speed of songs. Premium users can also switch to interesting sound filters (vaporwave and nightcore). So overall, we can say that groovy is a no fuzz, solid discord music bots that offers everything required by users. Groovy has simple commands and setting options. If you are looking of a feature rich discord music bots go for groovy.


    It is also a preferable music streaming bot. Fredbaot is little intricate but full of features. Fredboat allows you to stream music from numerous websites including SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, Bandcamp, Spotify, Mixer, Vimeo and direct links. It supports playlists from SoundCloud and YouTube that allows you to create a playlist and enjoy the songs without playing the songs one by one. Most appealing features of Fredboat include shuffling, repeating, showing play history and transfer the recent series as a Hastebin file. 

    Fredboat also has a permissions system with which you can delimit approach levels for DJ, Admin and User. It grants you to build permissions for the staff of your server, regular users and a couple of users who you believe to control Fredboat. The search functionality character of fredboat is another interesting one. Rather than adding links from Soundcloud or YouTube you can play a song by simply searching that song by the name of song. It is a quite reliable music bot. 


    It is a free, high quality and multifunctional discord music bot. Currently Vexera is serving 3, 00,000 plus servers. You can equip your discord server with a smooth and lag free music playback of vexera. It allows you to control your music sequence both in the channel or web panel. It has a user friendly discord moderation system. It offers advanced permissions system that allow you to decide who is allowed to perform what kind of actions (ban a member, kick a user, manage roles, clean messages, mute a user and softban a user).

    Tony Bamanaboni XD:

    This music bots is somewhat simple to use. Tony Bamanaboni XD does everything you want from discord music bots such as it can search for music, play and pause the music; create auto playlists, queue music and more. It supports all common music sources YouTube, BandCamp, SoundCloud and more. It has all good features but one thing that makes it different from other discord music bots is its capability to use audio filters to alter the music productivity.  Here you can use the filters like bass boost, speed and pitch. 


    Zandercraft is best known for its GIFs, fun characters and output. But it can be also used to play music. I am considering it in the list of best discord music bots because it plays Extra HD (XHD), Hi-Fi music. It is a perfect tool for your discord server if you are a music addict. It contains all common features such as searching for songs, playing songs, creating playlists, queuing songs and a lot more. If you are looking for a discord music bots to play Hi-Fi music then Zandercraft is the best fit for you. 


    This music bots is much more than a Discord music bots because it also supports image guidance, games, services and more. BMO offers all the features that should be in a great music bot. Here you can search songs you want you play, you can play and queue the songs. It works comperatively fast and plays songs in a very good quality. 


    This is the music bots you may need to play songs and listen live radio whole day without any stop. As the name suggests this music bots stays in your channel 24 into 7. It allows you to play any radio station, any YouTube video (no length limit), Spotify song, any YouTube live stream 24 into 7 on your channel. It also has premium feature for cutting-edge user experience. Premium characters include YouTube queue, high quality audio, import YouTube playlists, import Spotify albums and playlists, repeat one song 24 into 7 and server broad volume management.


    Discord has a lot of music bots. I have shared best discord music bots with you, which do not have limited platform support, buggy playback and uptime issues. You can add any of these as a great addition to your discord server as they work flawlessly. 


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