Enrich your blog posts with blog editor plugin.

Bored of the classic editor in your blog? Worried about HTML errors while posting? Then there is a cool editor plugin for you bloggers. Yeah I'm talking about Apture Editor Plugin and Zemanta. They can help you in editing the post more easily and getting relevant  tags, media like images and videos and reference articles for your post

Apture Editor Plugin

Apture Editor plugin lets you find all resources needed for blogging without having to leave your page, this plugin will find you relevant information required for your post. Like images, videos, links, reference articles, tags, so on...

They help your readers to get more information about your post and stay on your page, which in-turn helps you reduce bounce rate of your blog. So I need to tell you that it will increase your pageviews and impression on search engines. Apture Editor Plugin is currently only available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac). According to their blog, Apture is used by The Newyork Times, Reuters, Financial Times, Venture Neat so on... Wondering which platforms are supported? In general, you can use them in almost any platforms.

These are the supported platforms for the Apture plugin:

  • WordPress
  • TypePad
  • Ning
  • Drupal v6+
  • Other Platform
  • Blogger/Blogspot
  • Movable Type
  • Tumblr
  • Drupal v5
You can get this Plugin here


Enrich your post with Zemanta. You can even use Zemanta in your e-mail client. You can use them in Thunderbird as Extension and in Outlook as Plugin, Internet Explorer plugin, Firefox extension. Wel, for bloggers Zemanta is not a plugin like Apture. Zemanta is much easier, it works as a javascript bookmarklet which you can activate in just a click, Yes! in just a click. To use Zemanta Edotor, just do this.

  1. Go to Zemanta.com
  2. Then, click on "Generate Bookmarklet".
  3. Now, while editing your post click on the Bookmarklet(Any supported platform look below).
  • You can use Zemanta Bookmarklet on pages that are supported by Zemanta:
  • Google Mail Compose.
  • Yahoo Mail Compose.
  • Authoring pages of WordPress.
  • Blogger.
  • Type-pad.
  • MovableType and other blogging platforms that are supported by Zemanta browser extensions.


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