7 Must Know Android Emulators for Windows 10

Emulator can be defines as a hardware or software this allows one’s computer to host softwares or use peripheral devices which are designed for third party’s system. Emulation is more like imitating. It is used when we want one computing system to imitate like the designed software or a device connected externally.

Android Emulator
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Interestingly, even today some video game fans play the 1980 arcade games using emulators in today’s computers. With the endless number of applications being launched, emulators have a major role to play for testing them. Android App developers make use of variety of useful tools for this purpose.

The use of emulators can be enlisted for various reasons. Playing Android specific-games on the bigger screens of your computer or debugging of the apps on the computer itself are some of the uses of the emulators. Though, the Android emulators provided in the markets do not give the satisfied services. Hence this article to help you out with the best android emulators for pc.

1. Remix OS Player:

The Remix OS Player is an Android x86 project based operating system. You can browse in through this Installing Remix OS Player for your Windows or Mac to save your time and efforts. Remix is a completely free Android emulator for Windows. However, it supports the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version of Windows. Before jumping into conclusions, this emulator only supports some specified AMD chipsets. Also, please make sure your BIOS has the assistance of “Virtualisation Technology”.

As soon as you access Remix OS Player, you will be welcomed with a new interface. It consists of all the details like a separate taskbar of its own with some shortcuts to access all the applications installed in it. You will notice the Remix central app which provides you with some download suggestions of trending apps and games.  No extra set up is required to download apps and games as Google Play Store is supported by this emulator.

Remix OS Player Android Emulator
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Remix OS Player is tremendously optimized for gaming. This is also very useful for a developer as it helps you location, signal strength, battery, network type, etc manually. This is the only emulator as far as I know which supports the recent Marshmallow version.

Download: Remix OS Player


MEmu is an Android emulator based on Android Lollypop of Windows. However, it is preinstalled with the Android Jellybean 4.2. It can be updated by downloading these setups. It perfectly blends with Intel, Nvidia powered Windows PCs and AMD chipsets. However, Remix OS Player doesn’t blend with so many operating systems.

Memu Android emulator
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It welcomes you with an interface which is a four year old version. The sidebar is neatly incorporated on the right-hand side of the screen. Unlike Remix, Google Play Store comes preinstalled in it. MEmu is correlated to APK files. This will enable you to open APK files automatically in this emulator. This emulator supports various tools like screenshot tool, screen record, a handy “kill process” tool, enables full-screen mode and many others. A unique tool ‘operation record’ tool which records some touch screen actions, which could be replayed this automates tasks. The only flaw you can ever find is its older version of Android. It allows keyboard mapping, for you to assign specific keys to simulate touch in certain areas of the screen.

Download: MEmu

3. Nox Player:

Nox Player is an Android emulator for Windows, which is based on Android 4.4 KitKat persisting advanced features. It consists a lot of features which might fill you with a lot of happy emotions. This is pretty easy to use and a reliable emulator.

Nox enables one to assign the amount of RAM, change the number of CPU cores, FPS. It provides you with two graphic rendering modes DirectX or OpenGL, so you can switch to any mode according to the compatibility of your device.  It has in-built Google Play store. You can drag any APK file and drop in this player which will install that file directly.

Nox Player Anroid Emulator
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The player has “simulate mapping” which is another term for keyboard mapping. This features helps in playing games. ‘Script Record’ is another feature alike the ‘operation record’. It assists in recording certain touch screen events on screen which could be replayed. It come along with the rooted version of Android.

Download: Nox Player

4. BlueStacks:

BlueStack is very famous among Android gamers and people who want to use ‘Android on PC’. Probably your sixth sense might have got some hints about this. It is based on Kikat 4.4 version of Android. With the high competition levels its popularity has dropped down a bit. However, this emulator deserves this attention.

BlueStacks Anroid Emulator
Image Courtesy: Softpedia

Anyway, this emulator consists pre-installed Google Play Store giving you access to 2 million Android apps and games. Downloading APKs is also easier with BlueStack. It has unique capabilities on of which is live-stream to Twitch, which will allow you to play with all your potential gaming skills. And the other feature involves live-streaming to Facebook Live. Supporting multitasking is also one of the many features.

Although Bluestack is filled with some good qualities it continuously suggests you to download sponsored apps and pops ads.

Download: BlueStack


DuOS is another name for AMIDuOS. An American Megatrends and a Georgia-based company developed it. Please note you will need “Virtualisation Technology” enabled in the BIOS and you should have the Microsoft Net framework 4.0 or above for it to function properly.

AMIDuOS was designed keeping in mind the Android 5.1 Lollipop as its base. Due to unkown reasons this emulator has an option to download the Jellybean-version as well. Like any of the above mentioned emulators DuOS doesn’t arrive with pre-installed Google play store. However, it arrives with the Amazon application. Though Amazon doesn’t give you the desired games and access to variety of applications, one can download APKs files through this.

AMIDuOS Emulator
Image Courtesy: thanhnien.vn

Moreover, they provide you with a shortcut to download APKs, you just have to click on the APK which you want to download on your Windows this will enable you with some options to download that APK directly.

AMIDuOS also supports gamepads or external hardware GPS. It also lets you set the amount of RAM, frames per second and DPI manually. The most liked feature is the “root mode” which lets you run the root applications for android. Although, it doesn’t have the keyboard mapping feature. This absence of the keyboard mapping might affect your gaming experience. You might want to consider using a gamepad. Moreover, it is not for free, you get a 30 days trial version. DuOS will cost you around 15$ with the Lite version being 10$.

Download: AMIDuOS

6. LeapDroid:

LeapDroid is a very powerful emulator. However Google made it a part of its family last year. LeapDroid was shut down eventually. But you can still download it from different sources. This Android 4.4 Kitkat based emulator is a package of the AOSP applications which involve camera, music, browser, etc.  You can save some efforts to download popular games by searching them all over because LeapDroid suggests you enable you with shortcuts to download popular games like PokemonGo, Clash of clans etc. It arrives with a complete support for Google Play Store.

LeapDroid Android Emulator

Just like any other emulators it helps you to install the APKS directly from your desktop. It also enables you a full-screen mode support, you to switch between the graphic modes OpenGL or DirectX. Playing a game with its keyboard mapping is pretty convenient. It also features a unique feature of setting gesture details and pinch zoom by using the scrolling wheel of the mouse. LeapDroid could’ve earned the best scores if it supported the updated version of the Android.

Download: LeapDroid

7. Genymotion:

Genymotion is mainly for developing. Although it is also available for personal use. This emulator also requires ‘virtualization technology’ enabled on your BIOS also install the upgraded version of VirtualBox. As soon you as you launch the Genymotion, you’ll have to sign up with an account in it.

GenyMotion Anroid Emulator

It features an amazing feature where you can choose any Android phone to replicate. This enables you to download the Android version accordingly from Android 4.4 KitKat to Android 7.0 Nougat. The free version supports features like setting GPS coordinates, battery level, and camera manually. Although the premium version has even more features including remote controlling and screencasting using the phone itself. It supports you with plugins like Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, and Eclipse enabling the developers to test their designed applications in Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It does not come with default Google Play store app, you will have to do few setups.

GenyMotion also enables access to cloud-base online emulator which can be tried in your browser. It’s the best emulator considering all its aspects.

Download: Genymotion

Do share your experience with these emulators in the comments. Also let us know if you've tried any new emulator!