What Makes a Business Management Software?

Businesses, on any size, has made it a point to use business management software to help them oversee all the operations that are needed to be done for their business. However, there might be a misconception that it is a one size fits all tool. It is not. It is normally a set of programs that work together to help a business thrive without having to go through the hassle of doing certain things manually.

In essence, it might also help relieve some of the pressure that these things put on either the owner or its their staff.

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Which brings us to the question, what does tools such as those by Holded, the business management software, incorporate into their product’s design?

It is important to point out this early that this may not be applicable to all companies. However, this is basically the general theme across companies considering they normally allow their clients to customize as they see fit.

Accounting and Book keeping Systems

You will hear from the horse’s mouth – bookkeeping with physical books are slowly dying. No business does it the old way. There is no business in the world nowadays that does not use a software to monitor all their finances. This is because it is easier, more convenient, and less things to keep track of.

The paper system worked for a while, but that is also how you lose records. Papers can be torn and thrown away.

Also, the clutter it creates is not worth it.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer-wise, these systems help keep track of every single one. Their names, their addresses if they gave it, and their contact details, are all kept in a system that stays in one place without the danger of being lost among piles of others.

In addition, this is the part of the system that helps keep track of the inventory. By doing so, you will not run the risk of depleting your stocks until there is none left. If this happens, that is to the detriment of the business, and more so to the customer.

Task Management

This one helps keep track on what the staff involved in a project is doing, and where they are currently on the tasks that they were assigned with. You would think that it could be simple done in person. However, it is not. Under the pressure of it all, you might make mistakes, and although communication is always a highlight, it becomes difficult when you have loads of things going on. Having this simple tool in a software helps make it easier for everyone, making employees more productive.


As the name suggests, this basically help you monitor the money that comes in and is being used for the operation of the business. It also helps you generate an invoice for customers, especially when you are running a business which is mostly online.

Mobile Solutions

This basically allows staff members to have all the operation available on the go, which is very convenient.

Business management software is not a single entity in itself. It is a collection of efforts from several tools that aims to help a business grow and run smoothly. Something that human resources could from.

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