12 Windows Command Prompt Tricks That Will Make You Feel Like A Genius

All the Command Prompt Tricks given to a computer is executed by this CMS. That is why cmd prompt tricks or cmd tricks plays an important role in our PCs. You might be wondering why you should use command prompt tricks when you can change your computer’s settings the easy way.

CMD Prompt

Command prompt tricks or cmd prompt tricks is very powerful and you can do anything using it. You will have more freedom to boss around by customizing loads of things. People who have at least some knowledge about cmd tricks know that learning a few things about it will not be harmful. Instead, they can save some time for themselves while working. These cmd prompt tricks mentioned below will help you out to ease up your work. These commands can be used by both the beginners and users who already know a lot about command prompt tricks.

Using Command prompt tricks in Windows:

Probably you might be knowing about command prompt tricks, that is why you are reading this right now! But, as a blogger it’s my responsibility to explain to you everything from scratch. You just have to go on the Windows Search option and type cmd tricks. This will pop up a small black window inside which you have to use your command prompt tricks.

Another way to do it is, press Windows + R which will open the Run window. Then type and enter cmd tricks or cmd prompt tricks anything will do.

Here are few command prompt tricks:

1. Find Help for almost each Command:

This is a very useful command prompt tricks, especially for budding users. Users familiar with cmd tricks can also gain some knowledge about it if they didn’t know this method. One can easily gather some information on almost each and every command they give by using cmd prompt tricks.

All you have to do is use your keyboard and insert ‘/?‘ at the very end of any command about which you want to know. For instance, try typing ‘ipconfig/?‘ this will provide you with the information you need to know. The information you get consists of a detailed description of what is the function of that command prompt tricks and the process which is used in executing the command. It might even provide you with few examples.

2. Command History:

This command prompt tricks will help you find some command you might have used earlier which you don’t recall. This will bring down a list of all the commands you’ve used previously.  Type the ‘doskey /history’ in your CMD and enter.

3. Running Multiple Commands:

If you like multitasking then you can use two commands together. You can use this command prompt tricks to ease your work. Add the attribute “& &” between the commands which you want to proceed with. For instance, for running both ipconfig and MSPaint type ‘ipconfig&&mspaint

4. Windows Command To View the driver list:

As the name suggests, this command prompt tricks will help you know all the drivers which are currently installed in your PC. Insert the command driver query which will present you with a detailed report of the driver’s name, file type, and the few more information related to it.

5. Command To Send the Output directly to Clipboard:

Frequently, one might want to save outputs of certain command prompt tricks. To do this you do the regular process of copy-pasting. But there is another way of doing this, by sending the output of the command directly to the clipboard. You can use the command ‘|clip‘ in front of any command.

For example for ipconfig, you can input the command as ipconfig|clip.

6. Terminate a Command:

This might make you very happy because one might think they can terminate any command! Well, that’s not the case. You can surely use this command prompt tricks to a lot of commands you’ve pressed enter too but some commands can just not be cancelled. You can press Ctrl + C to terminate a command.

7. Command to Make CMD colourful:

If you are bored about anything just make it colourful and you’ll feel all lively. Even for command prompt tricks. It is not as boring as it looks, you can make it colourful by clicking (right-click) on to the top side corner of CMD prompt tricks and choose the properties option. You will find a colour tab then search for the option set up the background and text colour.

8. Setting up WiFi hotspot from Windows Command prompt tricks itself:

There is the groundwork you’ll have to do before starting with the cmd tricks. First, go to Control Panel and then hit on the Change adapter settings further go for Network & Sharing Option. Further, click the connection which you currently use and then go to properties. Now, search for a shared tab and tick the option ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.’ by clicking on it.

Using the administrative privileges (described in detail in the next point), open the cmd tricks and use the below mentioned commands:

A. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Youthotspotname key=yourpassword

After you turn it on, use the commands given below to initiate the Wifi hotspot:

B. netsh wlan start hostednetwork

If you want to stop this hotspot, use this:

C. netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

Fortunately, Windows 10 users have the freedom to set up a Wifi Hotspot with the built- in facilities they are provided with.

9. Command To System Scan to fix problems:

This process will need you to run the command prompt as an administrator, also referred to as administrative privileges. To run CMD prompt tricks as an administrator, you’ll first have to search for command prompt in the system search. Then right-click on the command prompt tricks option and select Run as Administrator.

Then use the command ‘sfc /scannow‘ to scan for any problems or corrupt files. This command will automatically fix any problem existing in your system. So, enjoy! This is by far the best hack I discovered lately.

10. Utilizing Batch files:

Batch files are really effective when you need use many commands for repetitive use. This is where batch files come into use. You can reduce your efforts of typing all the commands over and over again by running batch files.  All you to do is make a batch file with all your commands in it.

11. Improve your Internet:

Everyone goes through the struggle of improving the Internet speed. And the struggle is real. No matter how much we complain about it, it does not fix our problems. I have a few steps for you to carry out to help you with this problem:

A. Command Prompt Tricks To Know the Current Speed of your Internet:

Sending ping packets to default gateway will help you to check your internet speed. But before running any of these commands open cmd tricks as an administrator.

You can get the details of your network’s default gateway by using command ‘ipconfig /all‘. After gathering the default gateway, use the command ‘ping –t (enter the IP of your default gateway)’ and press enter. There will be a column of the time slot which will show you the time it’s taking to get an acceptance for the gateway. If the time it takes is low then your network is fast.

B. Flushdns and improve the Internet Speed:

There is a lot of data that becomes old information and gets piled up for weeks and months. If we get rid of this then you can prepare your system for new data in the DNS Resolver Cache.

By typing the command ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ you can get rid of the data. Initially this your browsing speed might become slower in search of new DNS.  But eventually the loading time will catch up speed.

C. Enhance your Internet Speed:

Use these cmd prompt tricks and see what happens step by step:

If the Receive Window Autotuning level is not depicted as Normal the use the below mentioned steps:

a. netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

b. netsh interface tcp show heuristics

If the Window Scaling heuristics is shown as enabled then that means, Microsoft is restricting the internet connection you are using. To overcome this problem use the cmd prompt tricks below and hit enter:

c. netsh interface tcp set heuristics disabled

After entering this cmd prompt tricks the system will accept your command with an ‘OK’ message. As a result, your internet will speed up.

You can check the time column to know the Internet speed using the ping-t command given above.

12. Windows Command to know the password of the Wifi Network:

You can use this during emergencies but I expect you not to misuse it. I feel like an evil person right now to share this with you. Anyway, lets unveil this secret.

Start the cmd prompt tricks programme as an administrator.

Next you have to go see all the connections stored in your PC that you’ve used from the beginning. For this, use the command ‘netsh wlan show profile’. As soon as you press enter, the system will present you with the list of WiFis you have connected to till date.

Then to know the WiFi password of any network, use this command and hit enter, ‘netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear’ This command will present you with all the details of the network. You’ll have to check for the password under Security Settings in the key content. I cross checked these using these cmd prompt tricks on my own network. So there’s no doubt it works! Feels like ultimate power.

13. Using Function keys for more control:

The F keys or the Function keys are of major use when it comes to command prompt tricks. You can do the following using the F keys:

F1: You can easily paste the last command (character by character) you executed

F2: You can easily paste the last command (up till the entered character) you executed

F3: Easily paste the last command executed

F4:  Will delete the Current Prompt Texts till the entered character

F5: Copy Pastes the executed commands recently used (doesn’t cycle)

F6:  Will paste ^Z in the prompt

F7: Provide you with a list of selectable commands executed recently

F8:  The recently executed commands are pasted (it cycles)

And so goes on the list of the F keys and their functions.

Well, Command prompt tricks are used for recovering your system from several viruses. But, be careful with this. You might even want to misuse the power of cmd tricks. All these hacks are for you to know the power of this programme and only use cmd prompt tricks for good purpose. Let us know which cmd trick you use for making your work easier in the below-mentioned comments.

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