Blue Square: Online Betting and Online Sports Betting on the go!


Betting is what can be called a natural instinct among us humans since everyday in our daily life we bet something or the other just for fun on a topic we believe we are right among friends and for a more concrete example sports betting is what usually we do casually among our circles and even more seriously we bet on horse races, race tracks but what if we could get some real bucks betting and that too online, that would be great isn’t it. Well today, internet has truly made our lives easier by simplifying our tasks and we do most of our tasks online, most of the tasks we do online make up for an enjoyable experience so why not betting. Today we are going to tell you about online betting and sports betting online through a major online betting service named BlueSq. If you think you are the one who always wins a bet among your buddies then why not give online betting a try where your betting skills may give you a lot more fun and money.

Online Sports betting at BlueSquare

Blue Square

Blue Square is a familiar name among many online betters. Blue Square is one of the largest known interactive and fun betting services based in the UK. At the start of its existence, Blue Square offered a more conventional product suite offered like the traditional bookmaking business but it has grown beyond and now it offers most of the aspects of the gaming market and now including the online betting service and online sports betting and it hopes to increase its product range even more in the coming times. Its online betting betting services cover not only the Internet but  TV, WAP and telephone.

Blue Square is owned by Rank which is one of the leading leisure and entertainment companies in UK. Blue Square is deeply integrated with Rank’s Interactive Gaming services which creates a major force in online gaming. it has a customer base of over 750,000 customers.

How to bet online at Blue Square

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To start betting at Blue Square, you just need to visit their website and register yourself with an id. After you complete your id by adding the usual set of information and certifying that you are above 18 which is the legal age of betting by the way, you are ready to go.

Once you are done with adding the details and everything, you can place the bet simply by using the left-hand menu to select a sport or category. Then click your desired option and you’ll be presented with the betting events and markets that are currently available for your betting pleasure. Just clicking the ‘BET’ next to the selection will do it.

But i would suggest you make sure you go through the details of the bets and the different types of bets at the Blue Square help page but if you are already into betting, you would already be having a good idea about it.

As a new user, Blue Square will offer you free bets as well to make you a little more acquainted, you could also become a BlueSquare VIP and get some really great BlueSquare promotions and betting offers which may include extra Blue Square free bets, and tickets to exclusive events which sounds like really great.

Sports Betting Options Available at Blue Square

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You can bet on most of the popular sports in the world like Football, Cricket, Horse Races, Tennis and even other smaller but well known sports. You can even bet live on various sports like Football and other sports like horse racing, race tracks which are most commonly betted upon.

Here’s a list of sports betting options available at Blue Square for you to use your Blue Square free bet on!
Football Betting, Horse Racing Betting, Greyhound Betting, Specials Betting, Tennis Betting, Cricket Betting, Golf Betting, Rugby Union Betting, Rugby League Betting, Motor Sport Betting, Snooker Betting, Boxing Betting, Basketball Betting, Baseball Betting, Cycling Betting, Ice Hockey Betting, Darts Betting, Australian Rules Betting, American Football Betting, Gaelic Games Betting, UFC Betting.

Your Security at Blue Square Online Betting

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Blue Square ensures maximum security of its clients. When you communicate with the Blue Square server, all the data is encrypted using the SSL mechanism built into most of the modern browsers. All the personal information you share including your credit card number for payments is encrypted which ensures that even if someone is able to monitor the traffic between you and the Blue Square’s server, they would not be able to read it. Encryption is used on all pages within the payment system of Blue Square.


All in all Blue Square definitely offers a great online sports betting service with its vast selection of events and unique fun betting opportunities, live betting, very fast and secure payouts, great customer support. It is a well designed and enjoyable site so if you are into betting this is way to go for sure. You can visit and know more on their great online betting stuff.