Hyderabad based Startup Finally Launches Operation with GenNext EV Charging Solution

Samridh Singh, Founder, Amit Singh, Co-founder, Rikarica
Samridh Singh, Founder, Amit Singh, Co-founder, Rikarica

That is big news. Where are you the enthusiastic youngsters, engineers? This is the perfect news for boosting up your hidden stigma if you want to do something big. A startup named Rikarica was set up in Hyderabad,2019. Rikarica is a web based EV charging aggregator platform and it is also available in mobile application version. This startup was initiated in 2019 for regaling the pan India users. The main agenda of this startup is to resolve the issues faced while charging their vehicles. Rikarica helps the user in providing real time information about the EV charging stations present in the closely.

Rikarica is an OCCP based web platform which is a more advanced version in regard to the other services available in the Indian market. It is even compliant to the global norms. As we know that there is a hope of AI and IoT advancement on top-notch in the future generation and all these initiatives play a major role in this upgrading process. It is because Rikarica, an AI and IoT enabled platform is capable of changing and promoting India to be more digital and technological. 

According to Samridh Singh, the founder of Rikarica, the “endeavour is to capture at least 20% of the market by 2025”.

EV Charging Solution

Before the final launch of its services, several testing was done such as examining the OCCP complaint system with help of vendors participating in OCCP Plugfest 2021. The good news is that the outcome reached 100% success rate along with the customer satisfaction. It provides the integration of Google map API and payment wallet to the customers, which make the service a more selectable and user oriented tool.

Beside all these advantageous services, the IoT powered company will enable the OEM of the charging station to take their decision which in turn will help them in improving their business resources for better revenue. It also allows them the longer maintenance of the free operations.  It has also 50+ stations onboarded in Maharashtra.

Advantages for the Users:

  • Intuitive, Easy to use and user-friendly
  • Availability of Web and mobile application
  • Notifications of live weather/climate change as well as traffic 
  • Integration of Google Map API and payment wallet
  • Reserving the point for the vehicles before arrival
  • A.I.enabled platform

Advantages for Associates:

  • Presence of Power and load analytics
  • Easy accessing of new Electric vehicle users
  • Availability of ROI on charging station investment
  • Demand and occupancy management
  • Managing the networking of charging station
  • Promotion of nearby charging station 

Mr. Samridh Singh, Founder, Rikarica
 said, “By 2025 we can see nearly 800% jump in EV vehicles in India and to meet the need already over 2600 stations are sanctioned under FAME-II. So, there is a definite need to manage the load at these charging stations and help consumers to find the right station as per their convenience. With Rikarica we aim to deliver a futuristic solution to avoid hassles in future. We are also looking to start operations in Hyderabad and are already in talks with many RWA’s to begin our operations at the earliest.”

With the help of a centralized monitoring system it is able to manage all the aspects of the charging points present in metropolitan and remote areas. Along with this, the inbuilt analytics helps in correlating the data and at the same time it allows one to make appropriate business decisions.

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