Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain

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    It is a fully ecosystem based independent corporation which works on financial blockchain. It consisted of all the department infrastructure required for a decentralized cryptocurrency centre which will keep all types of transaction records for all blockchain operation as it is crypto and fiat banking blockchain.  Actually it is de centralized bank which have licence to operate each and every cryptocurrency transactions of the world and also the allowance to work as a traditional bank. The corporation will grow up with the demand in the market by ensuring stability of the accounts of the customers and also long term development of it.

    The company was established in the year 2015 January after which within a short duration of time it became one of the most important and important leaders in the market of wholesale electricity. This is only possible due to the boasting the professionalism in trading and also appointing a team of well established engineers who have tremendous knowledge in the field of marketing and expenses which leads them to make a safe and secure environment for investments.

    There work profile is circled around is crypto and fiat banking blockchain which means investments which is effective targeting the area of mining and cryptocurrency. That’s the only reason why they have introduces an automatic mode based on a unique algorithm working for the exchange of internet currency in a wholesale manner where you can make a transaction of your cryptocurrency at a most decent rate according to your comfort anytime.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 1

    Recently in 2016 this company is working on 67 wonderfully successful projects where it started investing on the start-ups which is related to High Tech implementation which will take the company to a whole new level in the future. This is now the aim of the company for the development of the foundation and understanding of ZOD eCOIN.

    How this ZOD token works

    This company works on a unique ecosystem called ZODIAQ ecosystem which works on the basis of two different type of tokens such as,

    External ZOD token

    This type of token works on a smart contact system which is based on protocol used in Etherum. It was first issued when ZODIAQ ecosystem was funded by ICO. In this type of token while your transaction 25% of the amount is taken as commission income which is distributed among the shareholders according to their amount of share present in the corporation. The amount which is received comes into your personal storage account located in the ZODIAQ system as currency called OZOD. All the transactions you have made each and every details of your transaction will be stored of the crypto and fiat banking blockchain which is present within the ecosystem. After making a successful transaction you will be one of the members of the ecosystem for which you will gain the eligibility for collective voting and the right for any type of proposal regarding the services of the company.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 2

    Internal Currency OxygenZOD(OZOD)

    OZOD is created as an extension to external ZOD which is very popular for its zero-fee for any internal transaction and also it is eligible to convert itself to other currency in ZODIAQ ecosystem depending on the rates of other cryptocurrencies at that instant of time. OZOD in the storage account located in the ecosystem is fully safe and secure for the contacts and real assets.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 3

    Status of ZOD tokens legally

    ZOD tokens are famous for the types of security it provides to their owners and also the bonus eligibility they receive and the rights to vote which is a collective voting. After receiving the required fund from the organisation named ICO they stated their pans for the project to gain the eligibility of SEC situated in USA. They do not receive funds from people of US, Switzerland and Singapore unless and until they get the eligibility.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 4

    Common people can also by ZOD coins online by visiting to the site which is already started in March, all the details about purchasing and transactions will be given in the site. Special offer is also there for the people who want to join the private sales can get up to 25% discount depending on the amount of purchase.

    What’s new in ZOD ecoin

    ZOD is type of the cryptocurrency which runs on the same protocol as the Ethereum. Its main goal is that people should not pay for energy, energy should pay people and this is the only company who makes these words true by giving discounts to the solar energy panels and also on the items which is renewable.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 5

    This ZOD ecoins works on a blockchain project which is tokenized for a market associated with solar energy and it is produced by a company named America Green Solar. Other industry which was associated with this type of production is wiped away for the disruption of technology. Usually companies don’t mess with the change in in energy but after the introduction of the blockchain, things get easy and fast. Lately in numerable companies are trying to bring this blockchain concept in order to develop the solar energy problems and by taking this opportunity American Green Solar Company introduced this crypto currency based on solar energy.  Finally in one of the most trending cryptocurrencies which is beneficial to its customers in each and every aspect of their transaction. For buying this type of currency you can visit the website mentioned early and follow the procedure written there to make account storage and make transactions to gain the members eligibility and enjoy the benefits of this cryptocurrency.

    Zodiaq ICO ( ZOD TOKEN): crypto and fiat banking blockchain 6

    So, Zodiaq ICO (ZOD TOKEN) – crypto and fiat banking blockchain is one of the most trending crypto currency which is good for your future trading purpose. For the transactions will safe and securely done with help of two types of ZOD coins and all the transaction records and the contact will safe due to the ZODIAQ ecosystem.


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