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Xploree KeyboardXploree Smart Keyboard by KeyPoint Technologies is an intent driven mobile keyboard that smoothly conforms to your writing style. As per Kiran Karthikeyan, Vice President of the company, Xploree Smart Keyboard basically utilizes the idea of language intelligence as a unifying playground for connecting the brands & services with the consumers. This is something more than a regular keyboard application. In fact, it is a pensive keyboard that is intelligent enough to sync with your contextual requirements along with giving smart suggestions. The Xploree Keyboard goes penetrating into solving complex problems of understanding the intent. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s dive into the features that the app provides.


Xploree Keyboard showcases around 1200+ fun stickers & emoticons making all your conversations lively. Apart from these, there are colorful & super vibrant 50+ color-based, animated, and image-based keyboard themes.

Keyboard theme - Color Based
Xploree Keyboard theme – Color Based

These customizations allow comfort in terms of usage and look. You get to select from a wide range of themes that reflect on your keyboard after selection. The whole experience becomes exciting!

Keyboard theme - Animation Based
Xploree Keyboard theme – Animation Based

The color-based theme extends a mixture of both solid as well as gradient colors. There are 6 special themes for the animated section and 6 in the image-based theme section. The images vary from festivals like Halloween to sports like cricket.

Keyboard theme - Image Based
Xploree Keyboard theme – Image Based


This keyboard offers a unique login for each user to support advanced preferences across all the devices. There happens a personalized discovery which is based on your frequently searched mobile applications. Each user encounters significant discoveries around the product suggestions & offers.

Xploree keyboard - Text Intelligence - Understanding what you type
Xploree keyboard – Understanding what you type

The xploree keyboard also understands what you type and consequently understands the intent behind that. According to the type, xploree starts gathering the searches related to services, travel, shopping etc as per your interests.

Xploree keyboard - Text Intelligence - Showing results for what you type
Xploree keyboard – Showing results for what you type

These are what the key terms as “Discoveries”. And once the cards appear you can also share these cards via your preferred mediums.

Xploree keyboard - Text Intelligence - Sharing options of the results
Xploree keyboard – Sharing options of the discoveries


Xploree Keyboard offers super accurate autocorrections & next word predictions. And this results due to the 110+ language options that include regional as well as the international ones. This is the reason why Xploree has a wide reach and acceptance.

Xploree keyboard - Language Options Xploree keyboard - Language Options

The keyboard also adds those words & phrases that it does not recognize and are not in its standard dictionary. It is also capable of creating text shortcuts. For instance, you add a shortcut (supporting only 4 alphabets) and its expansion in the settings. So when you will be typing that shortcut on any other app the word will automatically expand. I added PAW for Parents Are Watching. Quite relatable, isn’t it? Click on the +paw option and the short form expands.

Text Shortcut - PAW for Parents Are Watching
Text Shortcut – PAW for Parents Are Watching


Well, this is an interesting feature of the whole application. Here the keyboard actually starts understanding the text you key in. This is the central attraction of the app.


Once you start typing a lot of enhancements show up on the keyboard. Presto (Xploree Keyboard app icon) appears on the right side of the keyboard to offer you the searches it made according to your text. These intentional recommendations will display in the form of discovery cards. You can share these offers with your friends or family and do much more on just one platform.


The Xploree Keyboard app icon named Presto helps you discover much better options that pop up with every new offer. It’s a user-friendly feature to help you search for discounts and other things even while using the different apps.


This little guy basically sits as a bubble notification like that of the facebook messenger.  Hence, clicking on it gives you with the options to explore your discovery cards and the settings.

Presto bubble notification
Presto bubble notifications


There are many other options in the Xploree Keyboard app that provide you with the absolute control of all the features. You can easily enable or disable anything that controls your preferences or modify the functionality of this keyboard.

Change of the language with a single swipe of the spacebar, seamless browsing, hassle-free switching between the apps, privacy appreciation and no sharing of personal information are certain other highlights. You have control options like Auto correction, Auto spacing, Keyboard layout, Popup on Keypress, Sound on Keys and Vibrate on Keys and other settings available.

Xploree Smart Keyboard - Settings Xploree Smart Keyboard - Settings

Therefore, all these settings and characteristics make the overall experience super convenient and customizable.


I personally liked the Xploree Keyboard and its ease of use. It’s definitely a smart app which understands a user’s requirements through what one types providing with the relevant searches. Xploree Keyboard is quite innovative and user-friendly rendering you with a number of offers, deals, coupons and products & services which are  pulled from only those clients that are linked to the keyboard and not randomly from the internet. It’s a “must-have” keyboard app.

Get your Xploree Keyboard app here !

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