Which Loads faster? Google or Bing? Check it yourself

Which loads faster is a name of  site which lets you compare speed of two websites. Loading time is a major factor of a website which in-turn results in the overall performance of a site. You know Google is the worlds largest search engine and Google officially announced that load time of a website which have impact on its Google page rank and position in search results.

When it comes to blogs like our, it is cool to keep a track of how our blog is performing when compared with others based on load time. So lets use which loads faster to compare load time of Google vs Bing.

Hurray!! Google won. No wonder Google is much faster in yielding results too.

Race feature in this site allows multiple websites to load up and be tested in a group. The group with fasted loading speeds wins the race.

Update: Unfortunately whichloadsfaster.com has stopped working, alternatively try Tools.Pingdom.com, Gtmetrix.com or webpagetest.org


Which Loads faster? Google or Bing? Check it yourself 1
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