Evernote lets you remember things from your daily life using your computer, phone, and the web

For many of us we have seen that even if we have a clean desk to work on, there is more chances that the drawer is not so clean. It might workout for some of us, but it its doesn’t work out when you come to the online world. There are hundreds of situation in which you might keep some of your very important files in what you think the most viewable position in your computer. But trust me you may not find it in the time of need. There is a Free and a simple solution in which you can avoid these situation. And its by using Evernote.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a free online tool that lets you make note of the smallest to the most biggest events of your notable life. Be it a coffee date with your pals to your work schedule. The working of Evernote can be broken down into three parts as below:

  1. Take a note through your Pc or Iphone or Android etc
  2. Edit and rearrange your notes later.
  3. Look back at the notes when you require it anywhere.


Things you do not need to worry about while taking a note through evernote like conventional method.

  • You do not need to carry your notebook with you. You can access your data anytime anywhere in the go.
  • Neither you do not need to carry your laptop in case you take note of things in it, as this can be accessed from any of your handhelds.
  • No need of worrying of keeping backup of your most important noteworthy moments of  life as it is safe in the servers.

In what Ways Can I Use Evernote?

You may use Evernote just as you may wish, however for a start off I will help you with some of the most used ways of it.

  • As an Address book: Snap a photo of a business card or an address with your mobile, and keep it safe and secured in Evernote. Access it anytime anywhere when you need it.]
  • As a Bookmark Tool : Take a screen shot of your most favorite and liked websites and access them anywhere, to show to your friends and family.
  • Memorable Days: Keep a tab on of your most memorable days, never miss a chance to wish your loved and cherished ones. Keep every details of the days with photographs and event notes just as you do and more in a diary.
  • Twitter Notes: Make Twitter notes directly from your twitter account of your favorite tweets and keep a record of them.
  • Voice Memo: Keep voice recording or any other sound clip of your liking and listen to it at your convenience. 

Other Great Must Checkout Features Of Evernote

  • The Evernote Site Memory Button
  • Make a Packing List in Evernote
  • Evernote Podcast
  • Creating a mood board with Evernote
  • WebCam notes

The features of Evernote are not limited to the above points mentioned, its as free as your thoughts, you can use it in anyway you can think of.

Evernote lets you remember things from your daily life using your computer, phone, and the web 1
Anubhab is the author of this post and he blogs at www.thetechwizardry.com

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