Know All About The Truecaller’s New Call Reason Feature

Truecaller has upgraded its Caller Id with a new call reason feature.

Have you ever wondered what is the reason for the call, currently ringing on your phone? Then Truecaller app has read your mind and come up with a solution to your query. Truecaller has upgraded its Caller Id with a new call reason feature.

Truecaller, introducing the new feature has mentioned on their blog post,

” These days, we need to know who is calling and why someone is calling. Truecaller has been the leader in telling you who, and now we are telling you why with Call Reason.” 

Know All About The Truecaller's New Call Reason Feature 1
Credits: Truecaller

In a bid to make communication better and more convenient, Truecaller is constantly seen adding more features to their app. The various features offered by the app include- caller identification, smart messaging, UPI payments, etc.

This new ‘Call Reason’ feature, added into an array of free features is recognized as an evolution of Caller ID. This feature will allow you to intimate the purpose of the call on your Caller ID and will depict the same at the recipient’s end while calling. Even if the call is missed by the recipient, the reason will still be visible on the receiver end. 

Call Reason is featured to ease and let the person at the receiver end, understand the purpose of the call. The only condition applied to this feature is that both the caller and the receiver must have the Truecaller app installed on their respective phones.  However, the default verified calls feature on Google’s Phone call app still enables the receivers to know the reason for the call.

Know All About The Truecaller's New Call Reason Feature 2
Credits: Truecaller

The feature as reported in a blog post is released specifically on popular customer demand on social media. Truecaller expects to achieve better pickup rates, with the call reason feature, as the reason for a call will supposedly trigger the receiver to receive the incoming call. All the Android phones across the world bearing the Truecaller app, are now being featured with call reason. Truecaller also aims at achieving promising relationships with users, with the added facility.

Truecaller, the Swedish company says the new feature has the potential to change the way of calling and receiving them. For added convenience, users are facilitated to save three template messages that can be used as a reason for the call, ahead of initiating the call. Truecaller states that all of these messages are encrypted and the company will also not be able to see the contents of the reason.

Furthermore, Truecaller is easing this call reason feature for their Priority customers and verified businesses (including those on cloud telephony services), wherein the users will be able to set a Call Reason for when they call customers. The feature is expected to be made available next year.

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Some of the top reasons why this “Call Reason” is essential:

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Know All About The Truecaller's New Call Reason Feature 3
Truecaller Call Reason Feature tells the reason of the call!
  1. ‘Urgent. We need to pay the bill today!’ – I would probably pick up this call!
  2. ‘Hi. I have an exciting product to sell you!’ – Nope  Not answering that one.
  3. ‘Quick chat – just need to know 2 ingredients from your chicken recipe’  – Now you know that the call won’t take very long, so why not just pick it up?
  4. Your Ex-girlfriend/boyfriend calls at midnight and the Call Reason shows ‘We need to talk’ – It’s probably for the best to let this one ring out…
  5. ‘You won’t believe what just happened. I have exciting news!’

Truecaller application is in use majorly by Indian customers. The numbers say that from around 250 million Truecaller users, around 185 million are based in India. Truecaller app has many prominent features that are holding the customers onto the app. One of the features is the schedule messages. This feature that is compatible with Android mobiles, is visible to the sender on their chat screens. Truecaller app is also capable of detecting any foreign language and translating the same on request. 

Truecaller believes that though the feature appears to be a small change, it is expected to make big space in the users’ daily lives. 

Know All About The Truecaller's New Call Reason Feature 7
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