What are the Best Online Tools for HR and Recruitment Specialists?

Hiring managers, recruiters, and other HR specialists can streamline recruitment and amplify their efforts with the right online tools. These choices are among the best for recruitment databases and applicant management. In addition, they’re especially effective when used together with background check websites. Check out the list to compare and assess which tools are best suited to help you find the best employees for your company.  

Hr recruitment tools


Manatal requires almost no training to get started, making it many companies’ top choice for recruitment. Its interface is user-friendly and practical. In addition, Manatal has compliance tools, drag and drop pipelines and recruitment processing at regular intervals. Moreover, it offers other standard features, as well as a skill bank, a full analytics suite, job and applicant history, collaboration tools, and activities management. Finally, it has a placement management system and all the primary features associated with employee and candidate records and data. 

Social media recruitment, scoring applicants, recommendations based on AI, and high-capacity search functions are among the tool’s more innovative features. Moreover, these have proven particularly valuable in helping leverage big databases of candidates and streamlining applicant sourcing and screening. Manatal also features a customizable, intuitive career page builder to display openings and a full customer relationship management system. 


Lever is a hiring, talent engagement, and talent sourcing platform with a seamless talent management solution. It links systems for thorough and seamless processes from recruiting and onboarding to sourcing and open requisitions. In addition, it offers a plug-and-play pipeline that reduces the effort, cost, and time associated with customized integrations. 

What’s more, Lever lets users combine performance data with staff retention and recruiting data to provide new insight into strategic talent. Using it, you can minimize data errors and redundant data entry by as much as 85% with two-way, fully automated integrations. You link requisitions and jobs with your talent pipeline to increase value. Last but not least, the tool contributes to an overall better hiring experience. Moreover, your new employees will enjoy a seamless transition from hiring pipeline to payroll. 

Zoho Recruit 

Our third choice, Zoho Recruit, generates reports and breakdowns on jobs by industry, open job status, and more. Their user-friendly software for remote recruitment helps hiring teams and individual recruiters stay current on changing demand for talent and make the most qualified hires possible. The applicant tracking system is cloud-based, letting users manage and automate applicants, post jobs to numerous different boards, and manage clients and contacts. As a result, this saves companies time and effort.  

The tool can solve many challenges recruiters face. It has full solutions for agencies, as well as in-house HR staff, helping users find, track, and hire the best employees without having to deal with multiple channels and media. Moreover, Zoho Recruit makes it easy to customize various work aspects, including interview scheduling, records management, sorting applicants, and updating interview statuses. What’s more, it is also possible to use all of these functions on the go via the tool’s mobile app. 


The best thing about this tool is that it lets users create ideal job descriptions and post them to targeted channels with only one click. Specifically, relevant channels may include social networks, popular job boards, or the company’s Careers Page. Recruiters can see all the applicants for one or more openings, analyze them, and shortlist the best ones. Furthermore, you can publish existing openings and build a branded page for careers with ease. 

People Strong Alt Recruit 

Last but not least, this tool makes it possible to handle the entire recruitment cycle with ease by helping HR and recruitment specialists be more productive. It helps companies to eliminate the hassle of finding the right talent. As a result, your teams will get immediate access to the best talent sources with a network of tens of sourcing channels, which offer recruiters a great opportunity to find and reach out to top talent. With People Strong, you can post job openings on your organization’s internal job portal, partner networks, and other top portals in the business. 

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