Useful Resources to Create Responsive Website That Runs on PC, Mobile and Tablet

The thing what is new today becomes old tomorrow and updating ourselves is a one and only formula to survive and get success, the same rule applies for technology and web world. Web developers used to design websites only for PCs few years ago as there were no other devices other than a computer but now web designer has to create a website that need to run on PC, Mobile and Tablet as well.

Creating alternative websites for each device is not a good practice and practically a difficult task especially in updating the website, you need to update each website even if you are going to update a single line. So what is the solution? The answer is Responsive Framework.

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So what is Responsive Framework?

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Responsive framework or fluid framework makes your website fit properly in any devices including PC, Mobile and Tablet. A library works behind that make your website fluid.  Of course you can buy a fluid template from template selling websites but what if you want to create of your own? There are some free responsive frameworks and libraries available on the web to create fluid website.

List of Free Responsive Frameworks and Libraries To Create Fluid Website

Twitter Bootstrap


Bootstrap by Twitter is the most popular front-end framework that can make your website responsive. It seamlessly fits your website on PC, Mobile and Tablet. You can utilize its 12 column responsive grid to make an attractive and fluid website. It has many other useful features and components such as dropdowsn, button groups, navbar, pagination, breadcrumbs, typography, thumbnails, progress bars and alerts etc. You can add attractive and colorful buttons to your website’s feedback form.



Simpliste is a free responsive HTML5 template which comes up with vivid skins, creating the fluid website with Simplesite is really simple, just pick a skin and start customizing it. Simplesite templates utilize the advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3. It also replaces default html form button with a stylish one.

Gumby Framework

gumby framework

Gumby framework is a free responsive framework based on the 960 grid CSS, it has flexible grids with hybrid system that makes your website easily fit on any modern device. Gumby Framework even comes up with cool form elements, dropdowns, tabs and drawers etc. Just download the Gumby framework package and start building your fluid website.

Responsive Grid System

responsive gs

Responsive Grid System by Denis Leblanc is a lite CSS framework for fluid web development, It comes in 12, 16 and 24 columns, you can download any package available from 3 and start building your fluid website with ease.

Less+ Framework

less framework

Less+ Framework by Angry Creative is another easy to use responsive framework to display your website in any device. Less+ Framework is an extension of Less Framework which has been developed using jQuery Media Queries.


Useful Resources to Create Responsive Website That Runs on PC, Mobile and Tablet 1
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