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So, you want to create some killer content for your website. What do you do? Well, apart from getting some solid writing skills yourself, you have to consider several tools and plugins that will make writing in WordPress easier for you. Such tools are designed to improve your content, make your blog posts more appealing, give them a fresh twist. Below are some of the most relevant reasons why you need similar plugins, but also some of the best plugins available for WordPress that will improve your writing tremendously. 

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Who do you need WordPress plugins for content marketing?

Many businesses usually guess which the best content marketing approach is, in their case. This generates millions of new copies each day. And, of course, with so much content floating in the online, the competition between publishers is keen. In this case, guessing and creating content based on your guess is far from being the best strategy you can embrace. 

You need smart tools to create rock-solid content, and you need to choose the best ones out there. Fortunately for you, the ones presented below will help you embrace a more data-driven content marketing strategy, to generate more traffic, make your copies more sharable and grammatically correct. All these are relevant enough for content marketing. Overlook one of them and you compromise an entire campaign. So, let’ get down to some of the best WordPress plugins and tools you should consider. 

#1. SEMRush

This incredible tool is used by hundreds of SEO experts all over the world. This gem allows you to gather information on competitors and their SEO campaigns and strategies. This way, you can improve your own SEO strategy.

This plug-in offers you more insights on your competitor’s organic keywords, their ad campaigns, their backlink strategy, and more than this. This plugin also allows you to have a better image on your own campaigns’ success and development. It can help you have a better look at your backlinks, keywords, and offers a ton of other useful data, plus, insights on the keywords you can easily rank for. This will allow you to improve your content strategy. 

#2. Grammarly

If we’re discussing online grammar checking tools, Grammarly may be the best out there. It works wonderfully for WordPress users, but it also comes as an extension for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. 

When installed on WordPress, a small index will pop up at the bottom right corner of your writing area. Here, you will see the number of errors in your content. The type of errors included varies from spelling errors to grammar mistakes and contextual inconsistencies. These will all be highlighted as you write your content. The plug-in also offers suggestions and corrections, making a great tool for both native or non-native content writers.   


When it comes to WordPress speed and performance, these variables can be affected by a series of things. Image loading speed is one of those, and it can place your website down on the Google search results. This usually means you have to find effective ways to optimize your images for the content you write before uploading them. Well, fortunately for you, is the perfect WordPress image compression plugin you can find. 

It compresses images to the perfect size for them to load fast, but without reducing their quality. The best part about this tool? It can be used on older images to optimize and make them load fast and make your website rank higher. 

#4. Yoast SEO

Everybody has heard about the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. This is the tool that helps you optimize your website and ensure Google recognizes it. Although Yoast SEO is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins, its power is usually underestimated. Rarely, people use it at its full potential. The plugin has both a free and a premium version, and if you’re not using it already, make sure to install it ASAP. Because it beautifully packs all the features you might ever need, Yoast is used by both professional and amateur marketers. The features that will come in handy the most? 

  • Readability checker;
  • Content analysis features – these will help you check if your content is SEO-friendly enough;
  • Keyword and internal linking suggestions;
  • META title and description features;
  • XML sitemap generator;
  • Canonical URL features, that will help you avoid duplicate content and the penalties that come with it. 

#5. Canva

Content images matter more than you think. But copyright issues usually come to burden your search for the best images for your copies. Canva is here to solve this burning issue in a simple and straightforward way. The plugin allows content marketers to create appropriate images for their blog posts, thanks to the impressive number of editing features it has. It also offers content marketers a lot of flexibility. The tool can be used to create an array of imagery because it offers plenty of templates, icons, banners, graphics and infographics you can use. Once you create the right type of image for your blog posts, just export it and upload it un your WordPress blog. 

#6. OptinMonster

Over 75% of the online users worldwide are unlikely to return to a website once they leave it. Well, OptinMonster will help you overcome this small issue. Designed to grow your subscriber base in an easy and effective way, this WordPress plugin will just make a subscribe form to pop up. The word goes that this amazing tool has high converting opt-in forms and succeeds at encouraging visitors to come back to your platform. 

#7. Hemingway

If you want to create powerful and concise content, the Hemingway Editor is the tool you’re searching for. Although it doesn’t offer the same in-depth overviews like Grammarly, this tool can still help you improve your writing style. The best way to use it is online, at Once you Copy & Paste your text into the editor, you will notice different sentences are colour coded. The legend on the right side of the screen is pretty self-explanatory, too. 

  • Structurally complex sentences are highlighted in yellow. Work on these until you reach a simpler form. 
  • Sentences confusing to the reader are highlighted in red. Adjust your wording until you reach a better form. Once you succeed this, the red highlight will vanish. 
  • Words highlighted in purple are fancy ones, and you can replace these with simpler forms. 
  • Words highlighted in blue are adverbs, and your copies would sound better without these. 
  • Passive voice use in highlighted in green. Although passive voice use is acceptable in some sentences, others are ruined by it. 

Overall, aim to reach a readability score of 8 or lower. This means your copies have the right balance between complex and simple sentences. 

#8. Infogram

Readers love data. But to make it more accessible and increase reader engagement, think about creating some infographics for them. It has been proven that graphics, charts, maps, and infographics have better reader responses. Whether you want to give your content a creative kick, make it more informational, or engage better with your audience, give Infogram a try. This amazing tool allows you to create charts and infographics in an easy and straightforward way. 

#9. Easy Word Count

Most content online is word count-based. The explanation is easy. No matter how well-written, resourceful, and insightful your content is, make it too short or too long, and you lose readers from the start. Easy Word Count is a tool that WordPress users can enjoy to tell them exactly how long their content is. You may think the word count you see in Microsoft Word gives you an accurate number, but the number is usually a bit lower than what it shows. To make sure you make the most of your content and you achieve the desired number of words per copy, use Easy Word Count. It shows word count with and without spaces, and you can work around the text you have to make it reach the ideal number of words. Aim for blog posts anywhere between 750 and 2000 words. 

#10. Monster Insights

Want to take a better look at how users find and use your WordPress platform? Monster Insights is the tool you need! This little gem allows you to manage in detail Google Analytics website tracking services. It allows users to add, track, change, and personalize all the data coming from Google, but its features go beyond these ones. For instance, you can view the top blog post, the money-making pages on your website, the referral source, and more. 

Besides, you can simply install the plugin and see all this beautiful data from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin does all the hard work you have struggled until today! 

#11. Content Style Guide and Grammar Checker

Spelling and grammar mistakes can spoil the quality of your content. A great idea shadowed by a typo. This isn’t ideal, but we are humans, and we are prone to making mistakes. No matter how experienced you are as a writer, you can never trust your own proof-reading skills. You’re subjective and you are already familiar with the content – you already know what you were trying to say. This clouds your judgment a little, but Editist’s Content Style Guide and Grammar Checker is here to help! What makes this plugin perfect for savvy content writers? Well, there are a couple of features you should know about. 

  • Improve your writing style by following some of the best writing practices;
  • Work on the text that doesn’t follow those. You can easily identify it by the highlights shown by the checker. 

#12. Just Writing

Many content creators struggle with the writing experience they have in WordPress. The process itself can be daunting, but Just Writing is a plug-in which can help improve the overall writing experience. By adding the “Writing Mode” button in WordPress, you will be able to enjoy a series of smart and entertaining features, like different background colours, fonts, separators, and more.

#13. Revive Old Posts

This smart tool helps you bring old blog posts back to life! By adding this plugin to your WordPress account, you can share automatically old content on hype social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This tool is great for timeless content, the type of copies that will never be dated. To make the most of it, you just have to go to the Account tab and click on the social media platforms where you want to share your old copies. Besides, you can use the following features to give these a fresh vibe. 

  • Video and image share
  • Hashtag use
  • You can also eliminate certain posts that are no longer relevant for your brand

By bringing back old content to life, you will be able to make the most out of useful pieces of advice and grow website traffic. 

#14. WP Social Sharing

Since we already are at the social media share part, WP Social Sharing is another amazing tool you can use to make your content more sharable. This plugin helps you include more dedicated buttons on your website and make your content more sharable instantly. You know high-quality content is only half of your job, so make it easier to share, to make your campaigns more efficient! 

#15. Editorial Calendar

This content organizer tool will help you improve your content creation process. It allows writers to keep a close eye on the evolution of their copies and ensure they’re always on track. The smart features of this Editorial Calendar make it flexible and suitable for a series of parts of the writing process: from content creation to publishing and management, the easy drag-and-drop build of the plug-in makes organization a breeze. 

Pick and choose plugins from the ones presented above. Experiment and choose the ones which make you happier with your work and with the results of your content marketing campaigns. Used as advised, they can help you improve the overall quality of your campaigns tremendously. 

#16 RoundupWiz

RoundupWiz is a WordPress plugin that will helps with your website SEO Content Strategy. You don’t need to write a single article in the traditional way. Instead, the content can be easily updated frequently. You can use affordable writers and still have amazing content. With RoundupWiz, you can be much smarter and more strategic with your cold pitches. How-to articles and listicles can be created and then reach out to influencers and experts to share their knowledge. They will fill out a simple form with their tips and it gets published right into your article. You will get unique content and they get attribution.

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