Twitter Re-designs Flying Twitter Logo

twitter logoTwitter, worlds renowned social networking service announced and unveiled an all new logo for its website on 6th june 2012, the new bird which twitter has used in its logo seems to be grown up and flying towards the sky with larger wings. It has dropped lowercase "t" letter and from now it is about to use the new logo as its trademark and fav icon as well. Twitter has used the old logo since last six years.

According to designers the new logo would be universally identifiable symbol of Twitter which replaces “t” icon, text and bubbled typefaces. Designers of this new bird logo have used three simple sets of overlapping circles to craft it and claims that the new symbol of bird which is flying towards the sky represents liberty, hope and boundless possibilities. Twitter has also created the video that depicts the importance of new Twitter logo. Creative Director Mr. Doug Bowman said that, "From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter. There's no longer need to text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase "t" to represent Twitter” in his Blog.

banned twitter logos
Banned Twitter Logos

Guidelines to use Twitter Logo

Twitter has set some guidelines to use the new flying twitter logo, as per its guidelines it won’t allow to-

  • Modify new bird logo to symbolize Twitter brand
  • Use speech bubbles around the new bird
  • Animate, change the color or make the replica of the bird.
  • The new bird logo should face right direction
  • One must leave 150% of buffer space around this new bird logo.
  • Finally twitter has not allowed using Twitter logo as your avatar or the background page for your Twitter account.

The full set of guidelines are available in this page, along with this you can also download an official flying twitter logo from the same twitter logo page too.



  1. So many great designs. This bird is not just a logo, it shows the power of Twitter (it is infinite!) :)

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