Create & send Picture Message yourself with ease!

I know that today it is the MMS (Multimedia Message Service) era in the mobile world but many people still like the classic picture messages and send them to their beloved ones to express their feelings.

Everyone are curious and eager to create thier own picture messages as it looks attractive than normal text messages. Symot PictureSMS is an easiest way to send your own picture messages, it is a small symbian software which is able to send bmp, jpg, gif and png file formats as a picture message. Symot PictureSMS is a client to send picture message but you have to create the picture to be sent yourself in photoshop or in any other image processing software such as Microsoft Paint or GIMP etc.

Create & send Picture Message yourself with ease! 1

Steps to create and send Picture messages:

  1. Download and install the Symot PictureSMS software in your mobile device (s60)
  2. Open the photoshop software, set the width and height to 72 and 28 respectively and set the mode to grayscale.
  3. Draw the picture you like with the brush tool or write with the text tool.
  4. Now save it as JPG file format and copy the same to mobile device (C:/Nokia/Images/)
  5. Open the Symot PictureSMS software from the mobile and you’ll get the created picture their. Finally just choose “Forward” from “Options” menu. Thats it!
Create & send Picture Message yourself with ease! 3
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