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wordpress related posts pluginHey, you might be thinking how to reduce bounce rate of your blog. And showing related posts below the posts and in feeds will greatly reduce bounce rate of your blog. Here’s a plugin for WordPress which can show related posts in your feeds. YARP is Yet Another Related Post plugin which has some wonderful usages and features which will help you reduce the bounce rate of your blog and greatly increase user experience for reading more and more pages. YARP calculates a “match score” for posts on your blog. You can choose limit for relevance and you get more related posts if there are more related posts and less if there are less respectively. All depends on the type of related posts you make. YARP is actually faster than any other plugin which would do that same job, bacause YARP uses a Pre-fetching system for showing related posts relevant to your articles.


  • Show related posts in Feeds.
  • Show related posts below posts with selective categories which you can remove or add.
  • Show related posts in Pages and Posts.
  • Related posts as Side bar widget.
  • Easy customization matching to your template if you hav some PHP knowledge.

related posts plugin in feeds
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Unfortunately YARP plugin is only for WordPress and cannot be used for Blogger (blogspot). I’ll be writing another article once I find a trick to show related.

Link: YARP, Author Page
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