Top Rated Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3000

If you're on this page, we already agree that we love music and good wireless headphone can make the music experience even greater. Gone are the times of wired headsets and earphone. Now we have plenty of brands coming up with mind blowing high quality headphones. You don't have to worry about the length of the wire and be grounded in one place. 

You can move around the house doing your chores while listening to your favorite music track without disturbing others. Investing in good wireless headphones has many other advantages.

Most wireless headphone models claim to have superior sound quality giving you a much better musical experience vs their competitors. But not all models are as good as they advertise. Some maybe insanely expensive but offer a mediocre quality. So expensive doesn't always mean the best. That's why we have researched some of the best wireless headsets rated by genuine consumer reviews at an affordable price.

You may find tons of different brands launching new models of the headphones every year. Having too many choice may be difficult to make a choice. We have made the job easy for you by listing the top headsets in the market under Rs.3000 which you can buy on Amazon.

Given below are the finest headphones money can buy at Rs.3000 or below.

1. JBL T460BT

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Top Rated Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3000 1

When it comes to sound JBL has earned a reputation around the globe with a lot of people recommending the brand for its excellent sound rich in bass. The material used is strong and the headphones remain new for a long time. 

The device gives you excellent bass output due to the special design. The large earphones cover your ears completing preventing outside sound from entering your ears.

The signature technology of JBL ensures that you get the finest music at all the notes giving you an experience beyond compare. The driver casing is large enhancing the bass sound. The speaker quality is excellent and the 32 mm speaker streams excellent music to your ears.

The device has a powerful microphone for you to make calls without any disturbance. The gadget is made very sturdy so that packing it even very tightly will not do any damage to it. It comes with Bluetooth v4.0 power. You can charge the battery using any normal charger and one charge lasts for around 11 hours of use.


  • Comfortable size for different head shapes and sizes
  • Excellent bass sound output
  • Sturdy and durable build for long life
  • 11 hours of interruption-free usage with a single charging


  • The headband without cushioning may be uncomfortable on a bald head
  • Stiffness of the headband causes discomfort
  • The mic doesn't have noise-cancellation feature

2. boAt Rockerz 480

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Top Rated Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3000 2

The boAt Rockerz headphones are not just premium in quality but also look. The matt black and silver combination gives it a classy look. The sound quality is excellent as is expected from a boAt product. The earpads are very soft and comfortable to wear even for long hours. The light weight of the product makes it almost feel as if there is nothing around your head.

The speakers offer rich bass and pure treble. All the notes are very clearly audible which makes your listening experience much better. The 40 mm speakers give a sound level of 110dB which is more than what most speakers offer. The sound quality is clear and loud.

You can connect the device with Bluetooth 4.1v to any device with a Bluetooth connection. The product also comes with a 3.5 auxiliary port for connecting to any device with a similar jack. This will help you listen to music even if the battery is down. For a single charge you can enjoy 10 hours of music.


  • Good quality sound at all levels
  • Comfortable pads for the ears
  • Stylish and classy in appearance


  • The device is bulky
  • The bluetooth range could be a problem
  • The buttons are not easy to locate and you may need to look at them

3. Sony WH CH400

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Top Rated Wireless Headphones Under Rs.3000 3

For listening to music that is rich in bass, there is nothing that can beat a Sony device. This one has many other features to attract you. As with other products from Sony the headset looks and feels solid and durable the minute you pick it up. The materials used for making the product are of the highest quality and you can use this one for many years.

The 30 mm driver offers you excellent quality sound whether it is music or conversation. There is passive noise cancellation that helps you listen to music without distraction anywhere you are present. Along with the high bass, the mids and lows also can be heard clearly. The sound output is enhanced with the neodymium magnets in the drivers.

A big plus with this device is that you can reach Google assistant with the press of a single button. Hands-free calling is easy with a mic built into the headphones. The product comes with both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. What makes this one best for wireless usage is the 20-hour battery life provided by the Li-ion battery inside the device.


  • Extra-long battery life at 20 hours for a single charge
  • One-touch Google voice assistant facility
  • The excellent sound quality in both music and conversation


  • There is no facility for aux connectivity
  • The headbands don’t have cushions
  • Not foldable and hence difficult to fit in your bag