How to Activate Starz on Roku, Apple TV, Xbox?

Starz is an extremely popular streaming service based in the US. Starz started in 1994 and since then, it has gained huge popularity among people from all across the world with its wide range of shows and movies. 

Do you know how to Activate Starz on Roku, Nexus Player, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and can be used on these various devices for streaming. The Starz premium subscription gives you access to its large number of documentaries and movies.

How to Get Started with Starz?

Activate starz on Roku

To enjoy the Starz streaming service, one would first need to get a Starz TV subscription. If you are wondering how you can get a subscription for Startz TV and use it on different streaming devices, this post will guide you with that. The process is pretty simple as long as you follow our guide carefully.

How to Activate Starz?

Starz activate on Roku, Nexus Player, Roku, Apple TV, and Xbox can be done in the following way. For that you have to first visit the Official Website of Starz and once you get there, you can click on “Start Your Free Trial.” Starz offers you 7 days of a FREE trial. You can complete your signup process by entering all the important details that you are asked for. 

After you complete the signup process, you can add the Startz app or channel to your devices. You can have Starz for 4 devices at the Max. You must activate Starz on every device.


  1. Visit
  2. Click “Start Your Free Trial”.
  3. Complete SignUp
  4. Activate Starz on Roku, Nexus Player, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and other Streaming Devices

Activate Starz on Roku TV

For those who want to enjoy Starz on Roku TV, the process is unimaginably simple. Once you have registered for the Starz Subscription, you can then sign up for Roku TV to Activate Starz on Roku. After you complete the Roku TV signup process, you could go to the Channel Store of Roku TV and look for the option, Starz Play. 

After you find it, you can add the channel and enter the pin. This will install the app. The next best thing you can do is open the app and the option, “code account activation: will pop up on the screen. 

In case you don’t remember your code, you can always find it from You could enter your registered Starz code in the field and click Submit. This is pretty much to activate Starz on Roku and you can enjoy Starz on Roku TV.

Steps to activate

  1. Sign Up with Roku TV
  2. Find Starz Play from the Channel Store
  3. Enter PIN
  4. Enter Starz activation code & Submit

Activate on Apple TV

If you are one among those people that want to watch Starz shows and movies on Apple TV, you certainly can and you can do it by activating Starz on Apple TV. The process is not much complicated for sure. 

You must first download the Starz app on Apple TV. Next, you can sign in to the app by entering your Starz login credentials. 

After that, you should see a pop up wih a field to enter your activation code to activate You could simply enter your Starz activation code,  submit and start enjoying the service. How difficult was that? 


  1. Download Starz app on Apple TV
  2. Sign in to the Starz app
  3. Enter the activation code & Submit to activate

Activate Starz on Xbox

If you want to enjoy Starz on Xbox, you can enjoy it on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.  To do this, you must first sign up with Xbox. After that, you can navigate to the App Store and locate the Starz Play app. 

Once you find it, you can install it. You might be asked to confirm and after you confirm, the app will get installed. You can then log in to the app using the Starz account credentials and enter the activation code. You can then click on submit and start enjoying the service.


  1. Sign Up with Xbox
  2. Install Starz Play from the App Store
  3. Log in to the App
  4. Enter the activation code & Submit to activate

Wrapping Up

Needless to say, Starz is one of the best Streaming services with a huge library of shows, movies, and documentaries. In addition to this, Starz’s popularity largely depends on the fact that it can be used on a wide range of streaming devices and it is easy to activate Starz on Roku, Nexus Player, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and other streaming devices.

If you have read this post carefully this far, you should now have a very clear picture of how you can activate Starz on Roku, Nexus Player, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and other streaming devices. The process of activation is really simple and once you follow our steps carefully, it should not be difficult for you to use Starz on any of these 3 streaming devices.

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