Top 6 Designing Skills You Need To Learn In 2020

If you wonder which graphic designing skills you should select and trying to follow changing trends in the marketplace we need to be able to adapt quickly. This is particularly applicable to design. It does not matter which niche you work on, you better pay attention to the trends and their fluctuation.  

designing skills
PIC: Designing skills

In spite of changing trends, needs and priorities, it is always a good idea to have a basic knowledge and skills that can significantly help in adaption to the new things. This is why you should provide yourself image optimization guide and educate yourself every day. If you want to know more about the most essential designing skills, below we pointed out six of them updated with the 2020 trends. You may find them very useful during your whole designer career.

Here are 6 Graphic Designing Skills You Need To Learn :

UX – User Experience

User Experience is basically how the users react for the system. By having good knowledge in this field, designs can meet the needs of the users and constantly improve them. UX is closely linked with the psychology of the person. While designing a website, you should be able to figure what kind of style would fit the users and what colour matches are the best for the whole impression. UX design skills changes dynamically so if you want to be updated, you need to follow changing trends. 

Visual design 

Visual design is focused on improving the user experience by playing with illustrations, photography and much more. The most popular tools used in visual designing are type hierarchy, colour palettes, grid systems, typography, colour psychology, and web fonts. The visual designer is to choose a proper design which improves the look of the site and its general impression and major Graphic designing skills.


Prototyping is an integral part of UX designing skills. It allows designers to test their ideas to life and then make changes and improvements. Creating a sample version helps to analyze a product’s real-world impact, check user’s opinion, and evaluate new designs and before to launch. It’s indeed a critical factor in designers world. By making samples tests you can avoid many mistakes that can cost you time, money and customers. When it comes to UX, everything matters – popping up adverts, too “corporate” font or too small letters. Pay attention to details and listen to the user’s opinion.

Delivering presentations

Sounds really simple, right? In fact, it might be complicated to describe what ideas you have in your head. This is why detailed presentations are for. The good presentation gives you a great opportunity to show off all your hard work, and get others on board with your project. If it comes to freelancing, you need to be able to communicate well with the clients that might have no idea about design and UX experience. Backing up your work with presentation gives them visual help with creating a real image of your design. 


Another really important skill that designers need to develop is communication. A big part of this work is sharing ideas with others and being able to describe them detail by detail. Brainstorming with the team demands you to be able to defend your ideas. You need to be prepared for facing different opinions and back up your project with solid arguments. Try to communicate slowly, use clear language and provide technical information. Remember to make sure that people understand you.


Good research enriches you with all the information about the users’ needs and trends. It gives you the ability to plan and implements research sessions.

Depending on your database, you can choose several different methods to analyze user experience, like Survey’s/Questionnaires, Usability Tests, and A/B tests. Different methods define different the criteria by which you, as a designer, can evaluate the results and draw your conclusions. 

The bottom line

I hope you find designing skills tips satisfying. The last one to remember – in every field of work if you want to perform good, you need to develop yourself by constant learning. That’s the driving force of your designing career. Take your knowledge to the next level and do not limit yourself! 

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