Geometric Shapes Trend: 9 Photo Editing Tricks You’ll Actually Want to Try


    From arched bridges to perfectly symmetrical snowflakes, geometric shapes are an inherent part of the world around us. Shape overlays are simple, but they pack a punch. By incorporating them into your photos, you can create semi-abstract art that you’ll want to share with the world.

    We’ve whipped up a guide to incorporating geometric shapes into your own photos with nine easy tricks that you’ll actually want to try…read on to learn more!

    Mix & Match

    mix and match photo effect

    Geometric overlays are cool on their own, but you can take it to the next level by layering several onto the same image. Your overlays should enhance your image and complement its composition, so be sure to keep your transparency low so that the shapes don’t overpower it.

    Nevermind—Overlay Overload!


    DIY: Draw It Yourself

    draw_it_yourself photo effect

    If you’re feeling brave, try creating your own geometric overlay. Don’t be intimidated by this if you’re not a skilled drawing artist, because there are easy-to-use apps like the PicsArt photo editor that allow you to create your own clipart overlays, either using shapes or by drawing your own with their drawing tools. Save your creation as a clipart within the app and you’ll have it handy for future use on any device.

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    Pull Shapes

    Pull Shapes design

    If you’re all about simplicity in your shots, try adding a sleek geometric overlay for a super edgy edit.

    Shapes + Filters = Epic Edits

    shapes Filters Epic photo effect

    Try applying different photo effects in shapes. This is ridiculously easy to do in PicsArt, as you can select a filter, a shape, and apply it exactly where you want.

    Shift Perspective with Blur Effects

    Blur photo effects

    You can do the same with blur effects to play with perspective in your shots. It’s like tilt-shift photography with a geometric twist!

    Create Motion

    create motion photo effect

    One of the easiest ways to create an effect like this is to use PicsArt’s Focal Zoom Effect. You can select which part of your image to apply the effect to and play with different settings to turn up the drama. Throw on a cool overlay, and you’re good to go!

    Go Monochrome

    Go Monochrome phot effect

    This one’s for the minimalists out there. Convert your photo to black and white and then apply an overlay over the entirety of your shot. This works best with images that have a lot of contrast because tones hovering around middle gray might appear flat once you take away the color. Or they might look awesome…what do we know?

    Geometric Collages

    geometric photo effect

    Once you’ve got a collection of geometric-themed images under your belt, combine them into a photo collage for a beautifully curated viewing experience.

    This is one of those photo editing and design trends that you don’t want to miss, and now you’re equipped with a bunch of new techniques to master the geometric trend…so get out there and start creating!

    Geometric Shapes Trend:  9 Photo Editing Tricks You’ll Actually Want to Try 1
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