Top 10 YouTube 3D Videos One Must Watch

YouTube has a dedicated Youtube 3D video channel where you can see hundreds of 3D videos, here we have listed some awesome 3D YouTube videos one must watch, all you need is a 3D anaglyph glass which can be purchased from any online shopping website such as ebay. You can even make your own 3D paper anaglyph glass in your home, just check out this simple tutor.

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By the way you can google for “yt3d:enable=true” and for the first result you get the playlist of 3D videos. Also while searching videos in YouTube you can just filter for 3D videos, click “Filter” button and click on “3D” under features.

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List of Most Amazing YouTube 3D Videos

3ality Digital MaxQ

3ality Digital MaxQ is a cool 3D video with dance, magic tricks and pranks.


3D Video Extreme

In 3D video extreme a guy shows off an American currency, heavy knife and a rod with outstanding 3D effect.


NASA 360 Desert RATS in 3D

In NASA 360 Desert RATS you can have a 3D look at NASA’s special vehicles, giant machines and men with astronaut suites.


3D solar system

3D solar system is a good resource to see all planets and sun of solar system with 3D experience.


Ocean Circus 3D

Wanna see how the underwater world looks in 3D? then you must check this 3D video.


3D Video Water

A guy sprays water on you in this video so get ready to get wet with this cool 3D video!


3D HD 1080P TEST

3D HD 1080P TEST has eye catchy 3D effects where a guy throws papers to you and finally brings scissors in front of you!


Anaglyph 3D AUDI Car

Here you get a chance to see animated Audi car in anaglyph 3D which goes through an industrial area. You can even download it your PC or mobile  as it doesn’t use YouTube’s 3D feature but the video is made anaglyph 3D before uploading to YouTube.


Youtube 3D Player

In this video you can see a guy sticking a sword out of the YouTube player. You can watch this 3D video with red and blue 3D spects or in a 3D tv or 3D smart phone.



This one is a good 3D animation with read pop out animation effect.


YouTube 3D movies

YouTube has some great collection of 3D movies, Turn off the light, wear the anaglyph spect and dive in to the 3D world. Here are some cool movies links Madagascar 3, TITANIC 3D (2012), Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3D hugo 2011.


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