How To: Find Compatible Drivers For Your Lost Hardware Drivers Using Hardware Id

unknow DeviceMany a times it happens, we install a driver for our frequently used hardware for example a webcam or so, and let go with the driver installation cd. Now if the hardware was purchased from a well-established brand, you can be sure that even if you lose the, driver cd you will find it in their company website as most of the time they are very well maintained and updated.

But in the other case if it was manufactured or sold by not a so reputed company, you could land in trouble if the drivers are corrupted or in the case you lost it. Since most of them do not maintain a website. However for these companies’ products there is a brighter side too. Since they do not produce their own devices and mostly import from other companies in China or similar, there is almost 99% chance you will find a compatible driver for it of any other brand with the similar hardware features.

So How Do I Find It?

I will be guiding you with the steps in which you will be able to find a compatible driver for your hardware device of which you loUsb Screenshotst the installation disk.

Step 1: If your device is connects via USB make sure it is properly connected and all its indicating lights are on to make sure it if functioning properly. Never connect a device during this process via a USB hub.

Step 2: After it is connected Go to RUN and type devmgmt.msc , this will open up the device manager dialogue box in front of you. Now you, will find the device you just added in the list with an exclamation mark or a yellow mark, since it is not properly installed.Usb List

Step 3: Now right click on the device and click on properties option. Now select the Details option. After you have selected that you will find a drop down list. Click on it and select the option Hardware Id.

Step 4: Now copy the Hardware Ids available, in it and paste it in google and search.

Step 5: Now all the drivers that would be available for download or mostly discussed in these results will, be of the same made. Now you need to have faith in yourself and find out the driver download link by yourself.

Google Result

Will It Really Work?

Yes, almost 85% of the times it works out perfectly, if you choose them wisely viewing the comments.


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