Tips to create a website of your dreams

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It's about time that people realise that having one's own website is as obvious or as simple as having an e-mail address. Some people have more thanworld wide web iconone website. The main reason behind this is the low cost and the fact that even a school going child can create and run it. When i say low cost,i literally mean it,even for a layman. Anyone can run a website at less than 2$ a month. Okay,so do you want to set up a website too? and is it true that you have no idea what html or web designing is? If you say yes, then surely you can create a website with your pocket money. All you have to do is, just follow these simple steps:


Step1: Check for the availabilty of the domain name that you wish,like (you can check on any site which registers domain names) and then register it. Be absolutely sure on what type you need,like .com,.biz,.org etc,.
Step 2: After registering your domain name, you should host it on the internet. Find a suitable web hosting for your site and buy appropriate hosting space. If you are planning to launch a site individually with bare minimum cost, then i suggest you to go for less space like 3GB or 5GB. You can upgrade at anytime you want.

Note: While selecting a host,make sure they operate on weekends and that they provide good support.

If you are likely to get some serious traffic and have high use of server resources, then you may also research on the different options such as colocation hosting, managed server hosting and more.

There, half the job is done. The next part depends entirely on your preferences. If you have enough money and willing to invest on a web developer, you can do so. Then again, if you are an individual and spend all your pocket money on marlboro, then there are a few options. There are many free CMS(content management system) softwares. Without wasting much time googling, short list these three: Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. All three of them are very popular and you can notice several sites using these CMS.

Do you know web designing? If yes,then try Drupal. It allows a lot of flexibility. If you dont know anything about designing, but if you still want to create a website, and if you are not willing to spend a dime for it, then you have joomla and wordpress. If you want to create a blog site,then probably wordpress is the best. It offers a lot of plugins and the functionality is smooth and simple. This site techgyo is using wordpress as the CMS.
But joomla is something else. It has a huge customer base and developers, and it is probably the most succesful free CMS. One thing which attracts people to joomla is that, the templates are realistic and sleek. There are a wide range of free and premium templates to choose with. The best part of joomla is the modules. You can literally fill your site with so many cool modules and that too most of them are free. But be careful while choosing modules as they come with a lot of bugs which will be a headache. Coming to the content,joomla is ideal for almost any kind of website-blogs,community,e-commerce,you name it.

All-in-all, if you want to create a website of your dream with minimum expenses, then joomla does it for you. All the best with your new website!


  1. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Thanks for the information! It's very useful, but I think that even if you don't know a lot about web design, Drupal is still a good option(except for blogs, then use wordpress). I found Drupal very easy to learn and there are plenty of addons.
    Thanks for the tips!

    • @ Dan Silver: Yeah I do agree with you and we have already plans to start a new Website in TechGyo Network which will be running in Drupal. The Domain name is

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