What is Online Texting and How Does it Work?

Today, technology has made life easier for everyone. From the traditional way of sending messages, you can now reach out to numerous people at the touch of a button on your smartphone with an internet connection. Online texting has changed the way people send messages and has created a more flexible means to reach out to as many people. Below is everything you need to know about online texting.



What is Online Texting? 

Online texting is a process where you send a message from the internet using a computer to a mobile device. The recipient gets the information through a text message popularly known as an SMS (Standard Short Message). The message is then converted to the right format in-line with the device used, such as a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. 

How Does Online Texting Work?

The process is as easy as any other texting channel. If you’ve sent an email before, texting online will be a walk in the park since you already have the skills to send a mass text. 

With online SMS gateway from Edgility services, all you require is to sign up for the service, upload your targeted contacts, and send online messages. The process works anytime as long as you’ve got an internet connection, and you can use any device.

What are the Benefits of Online Texting?

Unlike the traditional way of sending messages using a cellular network from phone to phone, online texting offers multiple benefits. First, this method has no limitation, meaning you can send unlimited messages to many people in your contact list at once. 

• Online texting gives you a platform to answer questions using specific keywords. 

• You can schedule to send messages in advance and at your preferred time 

• You can also send out messages through group texts conveniently. 

• Additionally, online texting enables you to send standard messages through reusable text message templates repeatedly. 

Texting online offers flexibility, even if you choose to send texts to over 100 contacts, no matter the type of phone or software used by the recipients. 

Most people read messages within the first three minutes of getting the text. That’s why online texting is timely, and you’re sure that all the people on your contact list will read your messages. It makes things easy, especially for business people who want to reach out to several customers.

What are Your Online Texting Goals?

When planning for online texting, there’re various factors to consider, for a seamless experience with the service. First, know what you want to accomplish with texting. It can be generating leads or boosting sales. Decide when you want to get started, and as you prepare, get the contacts of your target audience. Get the relevant content to share with your target group and, finally, establish channels to measure success. 


There’s no better way of reaching out to your target audience than through online texting. It offers a smooth experience and eliminates many hustles of reaching out to many people. You’re sure of security and reliability as you send the messages.

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