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Teliad is an international SEO services provider with a broad product portfolio and offer a wide variety of services in the area of link building and search engine optimization to support their customers in SEO activities. Serving customers on a global scale, teliad supports anybody from SEO agencies to blue chip corporations and specialized online shops. Teliad has become the central place to go for many renowned brands when it comes to link development. Teliad provides marketplace for backlinks, link building services and Search Engine Optimization. Also teliad has a facility for ranking check and raking index of any URL.

Market Place for Backlinks

backlinks-free marketplace

Backlinks increase search engine relevance, specifically boost rankings and by doing so, drive visitors to a webpage. An incoming link to a website is known as backlink. In other words, a text link coming from an external page to a page in your website is a backlink. Hence more number of backlinks to your website gives it a good ranking and popularity. Teliad has a self-service marketplace for backlinks brings sellers and buyers together. Teliad provides a user-friendly platform and includes many features that make the purchase and sale of backlinks as easy and effective as possible.

Selling and buying back links

One can buy and sell backlinks using Teliad’s self-service market place. Systematic link development increases the ranking in search engines and thus boosts a website's visitor numbers. On Teliad’s self-service marketplace one can find an extensive high-quality portfolio of offers consisting of individually checked domains in the most various subject areas and languages. One can individually control link development via the marketplace, process bookings and manage them.

Buying backlinks on Teliad:

  • Allows manual checking of all offers according to numerous quality criteria prior to marketing approval.
  • Numerous different functions and highly developed search technologies like content relevance search to easily locate offers from the same topic area.
  • Detailed information on all offers including ranking data.
  • Constant control using checking mechanisms and transparency of backlinks.
  • Less efforts are required since you save yourself the stress of processing payments, involving in in price negotiations and researching link partners.
  • Easy administration and billing facility is provided.
  • Dashboard with all necessary information is provided to keep track of all activities.
  • A support team that answers all your enquiries quickly and accurately is also available.

Teliad offers an excellent marketplace for selling backlinks. It has a global customer base, ranging from SEO agencies to blue-chip corporations and all the way to specialized online shops that handle their link building via teliad. Teliad forms the central place to go for link development, thus demand for quality backlinks on their marketplace is high.

Selling backlinks on

  • offers an access to list of interested advertising clients that are looking for backlinks for their link development.
  • Various types of  design possibilities are present for marketing and integrating backlinks.
  • Constant control and total freedom of choice, as one can decide individually to accept or reject any booking request.
  • Less efforts are required since you save yourself the stress of processing payments, involving in in price negotiations and researching link partners.
  • There are fixed monthly prices independent of click rates or page views.

Blog Marketing

Blog Posts are sponsored reviews or articles with backlinks that are composed by you according to the buyer’s specifications. When posting a Blog Post offer you can define which topic you want to write about on your blog, as well as state further details. Buyers will see your offer in our offer portfolio and can book it directly. Along with the booking you will receive a concrete to-do list from the buyer.

Link Building Services


Teliad is the ideal partner for all your link building requirements. They have been active in the link building business for many years and can therefore draw on extensive expertise and also possess vast experience in online marketing and, above all, in building links will greatly influence your campaigns when you use Teliad’s services. Teliad provides detailed analysis of a webpage to develop a successful link building strategy and help to plan the structure of the link building campaign in accordance with your requirements and specifications. Booking of content relevant offers that ideally match your websites backlink structure. Checking, monitoring and administration of the campaign are done frequently and a transparent display of all activities including bookings within the free customer account is given. Competent realization and consultation by our SEO team is also provided.

RankingScore and RankingIndex

RankingScore provides the ranking of a specific URL on google whereas RankingIndex provides rating of an entire domain. Both these factors indicate the popularity and rating of a particular URL or domain on Google. More is the rating more is the earning.


RankingScore provides information about how a specific URL is ranked on Google or the rating that a URL has on Google. The RankingScore is a variable that represents how strongly a URL is ranked on Google. The RankingScore does not regard the domain in its entirety, but rather each URL (sub-page) separately. The RankingScore thus helps among other things in evaluating the possible quality and strength of a backlink from this specific URL. In order to regard the rating or visibility of an entire domain on Google, the RankingIndex of a domain can be determined.


The RankingIndex provides information on the rating of an entire domain in the search machines and takes into account all relevant ranking data of the domain. The higher is the RankingIndex, the stronger is the visibility of the domain on Google. The RankingIndex thus concerns an entire domain and not an individual URL as in the case of the RankingScore.

Final Thoughts:

Teliad provides a good market place for buying and selling of backlinks which makes link building easier. It serves customers on a global scale and helps their website to get a good visibility and ranking on google. It also provides a systematic link building strategy and helps you check the popularity of your domain. Also you can check the RankingScore and RankingIndex of your domain. Overall to say Teliad is an excellent international SEO services provider with a broad product portfolio in the area of link building and search engine optimization. If you own a domain then Teliad is the best way to make it popular and earn more.


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    I can recommend you the link type blog post - it´s a kind of sponsored post or review with backlinks and a good way to market your blog. But you can also sell regular text links at teliad (e.g. in content links, sidebar links, within the header or footer ...)

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