This Amazing Trick Let’s You See Tweets From Handles That’ve Blocked You

Although Twitter strictly turned off the ability to see tweets from the handles that have blocked you, but here are some simple tricks, which will allow you to do so:

This Amazing Trick Let's You See Tweets From Handles That’ve Blocked You

1. Before, if you have blocked a person, which meant that, the person will not get any updates or notifications from your end. However, it is not the same anymore, now you cannot view the person’s timeline or tweets anymore. Instead, when you try to visit that person’s profile or try to read their tweets you will receive an error message saying, “You are blocked from @ABC and viewing @ABC’s Tweets”.

2. You will be clueless when a third person quotes a comment on the tweet by the person who has blocked you, as you have no idea about the actual tweet.

3. While the person who has blocked another person might hate this but some of them who are blocked by people is surely going to love it, as there is a solution to this problem. You should have a browser extension, which is exclusively available for Google Chrome.

4. Then you need to download the “unmasked tweets” extension that is created by Ravi Kiran, an IT professional, and after downloading this you will be able to see the tweets of person who has blocked you.

5. You need to restart or refresh the browser after you have downloaded and enabled the extension. You will be able to see the twitter bird flying out of the cage at the top of your home screen.

6. If Twitter has initiated which is in the interest of the public safety they should do it properly keeping in mind all the aspects such as an IT professional can easily crack the code by some or the other mean.

This post has been contributed by Vidhi Puri.

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