Trick To Surf The Web 100% Privately & Anonymously

Trick To Surf The Web 100% Privately & Anonymously 1Most of us doesn't want to leave a footprint behind while surfing the Internet. Reasons for that are aplenty. We may not want the other person to know our Geographical location. To avoid being traced by someone for personal reasons. For not being followed by advertising websites. To avoid from getting your system hacked and many more.

There are many options to achieve the above, I will list a few and the most preferred and the BEST options for you. In below are the options through which you can surf the internet being absolutely anonymous.

What Can I Use To Do It ?

1. TOR


3. VPN

TOR- This is the second generation of Onion routing network. This is a Free software and can be used by anyone. If you want the ultimate protection against identity disclosure in the net available, this is the software for you. This software works by encrypting your data request over the network form point to point routers within Tor netwok and hence if also intercepted in the middle it is virtually impossible to decrypt using normal resources. This also protects your location identity as it is maintained by its users. What it does is in simple language that, when you make a request a to server A it will first connect to another user who is also routing for the network and then from his router it will send the original request. So when the request is traced it will show the other users location and not yours. However since it depends on the users bandwidth sharing, it is somewhat slow to use. However it is more secured than other process providing similar facility. It can be used with Mozilla and many other browsers. If you want to download please CLICK HERE

Trick To Surf The Web 100% Privately & Anonymously 2

PRIVATE PROXY- Private proxy is another means to keep yourself anonymous. However much care should be taken while choosing a proxy as if its not done so, it will start working against you instead of with you. And according to my suggestion Free proxy randomly taken from the internet should not be used while transferring secured data. As most of them are maintained by hackers and other criminal outfits. Even if there are good ones there is no way you would find the differences between the two.

How Can It Harm Me?

Suppose you have taken a free proxy from the internet just by simply searching it over internet, and you are making a payment through your card. Now understand what happens, when you make a request to submit your card details onto a shopping site, your data moves from your computer to the proxy server and then to the shopping site server. In case the proxy is a good proxy then it is okay. However if it maintained by a hacker he can easily log your card details and use it for malicious purposes.

So How Do I Protect Myself?

It would be the safest to purchase a private proxy from a authorized legal seller or reseller. And also don't forget to read the terms and conditions for their services before signing up.

VPN- VPN or Virtual Private Network, is another way of being anonymous on the internet. It is also a FREE service (Paid Are Also Available) , which works great and there is also no bandwidth issue as you won't probably find and speed difference while surfing the Internet.  Its works as its name suggest by making a virtual private network of all the computer in use. In this case also the traffic originating from your computer to the website is encrypted hence very less chance of revealing details. And your geographical location is also not compromised as the server on the other end would only get the IP address of the VPN server and not yours. This is the best way to surf the Internet in anonymity and without and considerable change in surfing speed.

From my part I can suggest to use Hotspot Shield VPN. Its FREE and also have all the above features and is easy to use. Download Trick To Surf The Web 100% Privately & Anonymously 3

Note: A 256 bit encryption of a password would take approximately 20 years or more if tried to decrypt using the highest configured personal computer. However if the same is tried with a supercomputer like The Thinking Machine or The Cray, it would take only a second to decrypt. These computers are with FBI and many other government agencies. So in case if you want to use the above features for illegal purposes, be sure, it can't protect you.

If you want to know more about how to protect your computer online, you can read my previous post about it. To read CLICK HERE.


  1. Tor browser bundle is great if you trust your computer.

    However, unless you have a virgin install of an OS, you simply can't be sure there are no key -loggers or variants that are logging your keystrokes.

    There is a product called the ICLOAK Stik that has a bootable OS on a USB Stik that ensures you are not vulnerable to anything that maybe on your system. It features the TOR browser bundle integrated into the customized Ubuntu OS.

  2. wow im a nurse but i always wanted to be knowledgeable about computers and internet and your post are like IT 101 for me haha!

  3. Hi Suvash, did you consider using the internet through your mobile to pc is somewhat free or very cheap..the speed is descent to surf the website but not good for downloading. The best option is from Airtel, in bangalore they provide 2gb of data transfer for every month at a price of INR 98. Ask any airtel dealer at your place. I used the service before i shifted to DSL for many days. The service is known as Mobile Office for Airtel. You can contact their Customer care

    • @ Suvash. hey yaa I had something in mind for the one you are looking for. But As of now I don't remember what it was. Anyway i'll keep you updated when I find it.

      Cheers :)

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