Upload music online and sync it from anywhere around the world.

I hope you’ve read my previous post on 300 popular useful softwares for free. In Psonar website you can upload all your music online and enjoy it or sync it from anywhere in the world.The Web site requires registration and streaming is now unlimited!

Manage your music using the Psonar mobile website. Move tracks, create and edit playlists, edit your profile, message your friends and more. The Psonar SongShifter™ takes care of synchronisation next time you hook up. Psonar makes it easy to access your music any time, anywhere.

These are the features you can enjoy in Psonar.

  • You can access Psonar website on PC or mobile
  • You can copy your music to where your want it (your iPod, phone, laptop, etc.)
  • You can stream your music to any internet-connected device (PC, Mac, phone, etc.)
  • All your music is safely stored in the Psonar Cloud with high security.

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Update: Streaming is now unlimited!
Link: Psonar
Upload music online and sync it from anywhere around the world. 1
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