Soreszki SEO The Webmaster Friendly SEO Extension for Chrome

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to optimize a website to be seen by search engine and hence bring more traffic to the site. To succeed in SEO, every webmaster has to keep working to improve the ranking, and it’s a continuous process. Soreszki is a one of the top 10 SEO companies around the web who provide genuine SEO services to customers.

Soreszki not only provide SEO services to clients, but also SEO tools which any end user can utilize to analyze and improve their web performance. In this post we are discussing about  chrome extension called Sorezki SEO plus by Sorezki, often called as Chrome SEO Extension. Its a great too for keyword research, and checking the ranking on various search engines and Alexa, numbers of indexed pages etc.


sorezki seo Chrome extension

Load time

You can get this Extension from the Chrome Webstore. Unlike many other plugins, this one doesn’t slow down your browser, so don’t need to worry about the load.


Now let’s check what this extension can do.

Once you install this extension, you’ll find a button on your chrome, when you click on it, the Sorezki plugin pops up and shows you the current ranking and SEO position of the current page you are visiting.

Mainly, it displays the stats for the current page from various engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, Dmoz, SEMrush. It does show the social media shares and activities statistics of that page page from Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google Buzz, Reddit, StumbleUpon. But just like other SEO plugins, the Social media stats are never the accurate.

Another good use with this extension is that you can check if your page has any SEO errors and details from a webpage which includes Markup, Server Details, Keyword Density and more. Sorezki SEO Plus also provides that. It shows a different tab under Optimization menu with recommendations to rectify the errors found. Hence giving you more power to fix the errors and help you in organic search engine optimization and ranking.


Sorezki offers several SEO services such Organic Search, Yearly SEO Projects, PPC management, Consultation and article submission. These services are not so special because there are many company on this field offering the same thing. Probably the only rare service found on another company is ORM, optimization for reputation management.


Soreszki SEO The Webmaster Friendly SEO Extension for Chrome 1
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