Is Social Media the Answer for Building a Business?

Are you looking for a way to improve your bottom line? Do you feel as though you are sending frequent e-mails or printing and sending numerous fliers through the USPS? Maybe, you have even tried the “old fashioned” phone calls to promote your company? If you are doing any (or perhaps all) of these methods to boost your business but want to do more, then this is a good time to take advantage of social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Despite recent reports that social media is only responsible for 12% of sales, this is not a reason to overlook its benefits. After all, Facebook alone has more than 500 million users! Essentially, the lower percentage is simply because social media is still an undeveloped realm in the world of building one’s market. However, if you are willing to start making your mark in social media, then there are 2 keys to success that will help you build your company’s social media marketing campaign:

What are your expectations?

Market researchers did a recent survey and found that 65% of consumers who “Like” or “Follow” a company do so in order to get discounts. Conversely, another study found that most businesses use social media in order to get to know their customers better.

Have you been found?

Rather than spending time and money courting consumers to come to your company’s social media site, let the consumer come to you. Studies have found that when a consumer comes to you, then they are more likely to be a dedicated customer.

Using social media to promote your business is not likely to disappear any time soon. Yes, there are other ways to advertise, but the number of options and locations are only getting better. The savvy business owner is one who gets involved now, by taking advantage of the many ways social media can be utilized to promote their business.

About the author

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