Founder and President of Chakery Design, Malcom Chakery has extensive knowledge and experience in the workings of a web based business operation. Possessing great amounts of expertise in regard to marketing, web design and development, Malcom is extremely comfortable handling all details regarding the day-to-day operations as well as the sales and support of his many high profile clients. With a clear plan in place regarding operational procedures, all aspects of web design, marketing and promotional activities are managed and overseen by Malcom before they are completed. As a stickler for detail, Malcom believes in providing greater than expected support, superior customer service, and innovative programs, making sure to go above and beyond customer expectations.






Are you looking for a way to improve your bottom line? Do you feel as though you are sending frequent e-mails or printing and...
Perhaps the most common phrase one hears in a discussion about website content is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. After all, if your website...

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