Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

Every day the smartphone industry looks new heights in the sales of smartphones. While buying any smartphone, people keep in mind that which mobile operating system they should opt for.

This article covers two smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. Both are popular and most used.

Till today, more than 1 billion smartphones have been sold. Android covers the largest market share of 80% and has popularity in developing countries where per capita income is low, whereas iOS sits in second place with a 15% market share and popularity in nations with high per capita incomes and developed countries.

Around 1.4 million apps have been published on Google Play Store and 85% apps of them are free while out of 1.3 million iOS apps published on iTunes, 25% are free and 32% apps have in-app purchases.

Between Android and iOS apps, iOS apps give more profit than android apps. There are 67% shopping apps for iOS and 33% shopping apps for Android phones. E-commerce sites get 60% visits from iPhones while 39% visits from Android phones. The average order value from iPhones is $118 and from Android phones is $112. Let’s talk about tablets, e-commerce sites get an 87% share of visits from iPad and 11% share from android tablets. The average order value from iPads is $160 and $107 is from android tablets.

Every month iOS apps see 19% of increase in sessions while android apps see an 18% increase in sessions. In the second quarter of the year 2014, iOS apps have generated $100 million revenue while $60 million revenue by android apps.

More information can be found in the below infographic.

Smartphone app development_  iOS vs Android



Image courtesy: Nine Hertz


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