5 Technology Tips for Small Businesses

Are you technology-oriented at your small business? Is what you’re investing on technology enough to take advantage of all it has to offer? Here are some of the most important points to remember when it comes to pumping up your small business and getting technology to make things easier and more optimized for you.

technology tips for small business


  • Explore outsourcing for some admin operations


Outsourcing is a fast, reliable and cheaper avenue for small businesses that experience time constraints with a small and limited staff. By employing the assistance of virtual employees, you can save on expenses, including office space, and conserve energy and time in order to focus on more immediate things that need your attention. Having remote, off-site employees answering your calls or responding to email queries and performing other functions would be a good way of managing your time.


  • Know your analytics data


Having your own website and online store and making things as responsive and customer-friendly as possible all add up to a few good reasons that will help your business along. But how do you determine what strategies work best or what results you are getting? To get the answers to this, you need to keep up with your analytics.

Several platforms for getting analytics data are available, letting you be aware of your website traffic and your online sales data. Make sure to always include this part on your to-update list as it could mean more improvement and more revenue for your small business.


  • Don’t skip the security and make sure to back things up


With so many data loss dangers lurking all over the web, it is must for businesses to back all their information up so as not to lose anything. Small businesses need this as much as bigger companies do. With a small operation, the business relies very much on data and so the need for backup is strong.

Backing up data can be achieved through several options. You can opt to purchase kits or go for a remote backup service such as the highly popular cloud storage, offered by many platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive. By going in the cloud, you can maximize data storage without going for expensive kits.


  • Consider investing on employees’ personal devices for business


Since technological devices are present in all aspects of life these days, whether at home or at work, many employees tend to bring their own devices on the job. With this in mind, you can consider investing on personal devices for work use, going for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme that could maximize work efficiency in the office. You already have mobile options at hand when running the business, so why not let your employees in on it, too, and let them always be ready and on-the-go?


  • Opt for teleconferences and other remote communication options


With so many aspects of the business that you’re tending to, you and your employees could find yourselves in places far from the office. Consider this: you’re staying at home making calls to valuable contacts or at a lunch meet-up with business partners and you need to keep up with your team’s progress, what options could you have for fast connection and communication?

The answer lies in teleconferencing. Whether you’re Skyping or using GoToMeeting or other options to continuously collaborate with your team while you’re away, it is a good thing to keep in mind how important this technological avenue is.

These technology tips are the basic things that you need to keep in mind for your small business. Get your business going with these and make sure you are going the right way where technology is concerned.

Ethan Robinson is an Australia-based online marketing strategist who constantly works with local and international clients. He is currently partnering with US-based Small Business Expo to get more SME owners together and build business-impacting networks.

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