8 Twitter Trends To Watch Out For This Year

If you want to get the most out of any platform, you need to understand why people use it, what they want to talk about, and how you can capitalize on those trends. Twitter has released a new 33-page trends report assisting with this, highlighting a variety of emerging themes based on overall tweet interaction over the last two years.

So Twitter is looking at the platform’s cultural effect in a larger sense, but from a marketing standpoint, it’s more about what people are going to Twitter for, specifically, and how it connects to discussions in the app.

As Twitter said:
“People come to Twitter to talk about the things that matter to them. Entertainment, news, sports, fashion – it’s all here. And by analyzing these honest conversations, we can get a fresh understanding of the evolving cultural trends and attitudes shaping our future.”

8 Twitter Trends To Watch Out For This Year

8 Twitter Trends To Watch Out For This Year 1
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