Infographic: The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World

With the proliferation of the smartphone in the world today, we have seen the emergence of a huge choice of phone applications that can make our lives easier or just give us more leisure options. This has also opened up a whole new world of business that many shrewd people have taken advantage of. The area of phone application development has grown rapidly over the last number of years buoyed by the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone in daily life. Building applications especially those that become popular has made a number of individuals very wealthy or potentially wealthy ‘on paper’.

Some phone applications are used solely for leisure like the gaming app choices but some the messaging options like SnapChat and WhatsApp have changed how people communicate. This info-graphic examines those people behind some of the more well known phone applications. Read about how these individuals developed these ideas and how they have gone on to make them very wealthy or on the way to being so.

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From Charles Forman who created ‘Draw Something’ and Markus Persson who set up ‘Minecraft’ and many others, the area is interesting as it shows how a small piece of ingenuity and some development skill allowed these entrepreneurs to make their name in the world of smartphone application technology.

Infographic: The People Behind the Biggest Apps in the World 1
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