See Through Screen – HP’s New Technology Earns US Patent

We can see depiction of transparent screens in many of modern as well as classic sci-fi movies. A number of sci-fi novels also depict similar scenarios. As most of the visions have come true in present modern world, the Hewlett Packard (HP) organization has taken a leading step in realizing See Through Screen technology. Recently HP was awarded an US Patent on the same. So it is evident that in near future we will find its applications in market. See Through Screens may find applications in Augmented Reality (AR) applications, advertising windows, dashboards, navigational maps etc.

See Through-Screen-Concept
See Through-Screen-Concept

What is a See Through Screen?

See Through Screen-Illustration
See Through Screen-Illustration

In a normal screen the image can be seen but the background of the screen cannot be seen i.e. the screen is totally opaque in nature. In a transparent or See Through Screen system the image being projected as well as the background of the screen can be seen simultaneously. If it’s hard to imagine it, try imagining the content on your tablet or Desktop PC being displayed on to a sheet of glass wherein both the displayed content as well as the background of the screen can be seen.  Now there may be a sufficiently clear idea how a See Through Screen would look.

How does it Work?

See Thorugh Screen- Slat System
See Thorugh Screen- Slat System

Sources describe that See Through Screen works as a “Slat System” wherein light reflective slats are used in order to display images generated by a processor on to a transparent screen simultaneously allowing light from behind the screen to pass through. A general idea of a Slat system as explained by HP can be seen in the above image.

Impending Applications

Though HP hasn’t released any products contingent on See Through Screen technology, the potential outcomes of this technology can be highly promising. Applications such as Augmented Reality (AR) glasses in which the message to be conveyed is displayed on to wearing glasses (goggles), maps overlaid with such See Through Screen to display a navigational route etc. can be expected. Advertising can be done with glass windows replaced by See Through Screens. Also data, images, routes can be displayed on windshields of vehicles replaced by See Through Screen and many other military applications can be obtained from this technology in the near future.

Other Organizations like Samsung and South Korean firm companies are also in pursuit of similar kind of technology.

See Through Screen - HP's New Technology Earns US Patent 1
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