Saturday, August 24, 2019

Facts About The Nord VPN Service

This review is designed to highlight both strong sides and potential weaknesses of Nord VPN. We will journey a road to the roots of the app and we will determine whether it is worth your hard-earned dollars or not.  

facts about nord vpn service

We may take the path that’s slightly different from your common Nord VPN review in this article but, rests assured, all of the changes to the standard are made to enhance the value you are getting from reading these words.

Nord in brief

Nord, despite the chilly name came from a warmer climate. We have a Panama-based VPN on our hands. This is explicitly well regarding privacy as well as personal freedoms as even your government has zero affect on Nord.

The website clearly states that Nord is on the market for over 10 years. The website also offers military-tear protection levels. But, in reality, it doesn’t. Professional army apps are protected in an entirely different way, but hey, you are not a soldier fighting a war against Russian hackers, right?  

Server side

559 servers are located in 49 countries. Not bad. Not bad at all, considering most VPN service providers only have 50-100 machines.

Why does it matter? The closer a server is to your physical address, the better is the speed and connectivity you receive. I could freely stream 1080p movies on Netflix with Nord on. In reality few services are as good in terms of high-speeds especially in the US where internet connection is garbage by default.

Supported platforms

I only tested Nord on Android, Mac and iOS but rumor says it Linux and Windows systems are also supported.  Obfsproxy is also supported although you don’t need it unless you are accessing the internet from China.

You can simultaneously connect up to six devices to Nord. This is also a great trait given most VPN services only allow three gadgets at a time. There is a catch though: if you are connecting several devices to the same server you are obligated to use separate protocols per each one.


You can give the app a test for up to three days with a free trial. Later treats will cost you 8 bucks per month or a whooping deal of $5.75 per month with a yearly plan.

That noted, a money back program is also in place. You can get a refund after 30 days of using Nord. That, in my opinion, is a better deal than the three-day trial.


Nord VPN does not work so well with Netflix. You will only have access to US-based servers of the streaming company meaning fewer shows are available and movies and the same old regional attachment is in place.

You will also have to use the SmartPlay technology and that’s a whole separate pain in its right. If you are looking for a Netflix-friendly VPN, you should look for a different solution.