Reasons why WordPress is better than Blogger Platform

WordPress and Blogger are the two platforms for bloggers where they can post anything they want, anytime and these platforms have been competing each other since a long time. WordPress has an upper hand though, with a lot of advantageous features when compared to Blogger and this becomes a lot better when the self hosted version of WordPress is used.

wordpress  wins over bloggers

Here are a few reasons why WordPress is better than the Blogger Platform -

WordPress is much more customizable:

This is the main difference between WordPress and Blogger, In wordpress you will be able to customize your Blog the way you like, with the numerous plugins available and the platform being open for developers it is very useful for customization. We can say that WordPress is an Own House and Blogger is a Rented House. In your rented house you cannot make a lot of changes except some minor superficial changes. But if you own a house then you can do whatever you want with it. Tear it down and change the whole landscape.

You own your WordPress blog:

WordPress Blogs are Owned by you and you can do anything you want with them, right from the Domain name to the Database it’s all yours, but not in the case of Blogger which are owned by Google and the main complaint I heard from many Blogger Bloggers is that their Websites suddenly disappear from the Web without any prior information and it will be showing “Blog Not Found” and all the content in the Blog is lost for good with no database and no back up. But with WordPress you can have your own Database and Back Up your work and get all your content back even if your website is hacked.

WordPress is more SEO friendly:

Many might not agree with me because Blogger is owned by Google and SEO is mainly concentrated on Google, but I must say WordPress is more SEO friendly than Blogger you can search anytime and you will find that the WordPress blogs are the one’s found in the top 99% of times. With many good plugins to support SEO are very helpful in getting your blog in the top search results.

Sorting your Blog out for Readers:

I think this is a main advantage of WordPress which allows you to bring back your visitors back to you, just because of 1 simple reason that is WordPress can be easily customizable and can be categorized into any number of categories you want to and make the reading experience pleasant for your readers.

You can shift Hosts if not satisfied:

If you own your domain and WordPress site, you can simply pack up and move to a new host, you’re your blog in the same condition and position as it was before without having any impact in the search engine results and the. Again, it isn’t likely that Google would shut you down like that, but as mentioned above your website will be gone without a trace without your knowledge suddenly and you won’t even know why that happened. And in Bloggers case you cannot transfer your content to a different host which I don’t think Blogger will allow.

Other Blogger Users can flag up your blog and get it blocked/closed:

In case of Blogger, if you are flagged as it is called by other Blogger users and you get a minimum number required to Block or close your Blog then Google will just go ahead and Close your Blog. With WordPress, you are the sole owner of the blog. And no one can block or close your website without your notice.

WordPress is better in sorting out Spam:

WordPress I guess is better in identifying what Spam is than Blogger can, with all the plugins in the box for WordPress I can say that Spammers cannot cross the line put by WordPress and introduce themselves through us in the Web.

In the end I can say that all the quality bloggers in the town are using WordPress and Blogger is left to be used for casual work and not for serious Bloggers.

About the Author:

Chetan Bhawani is a dentist, a tech blogger and a web hosting adviser. He recommends to use WordPress web hosting, which provides the best deals in hosting the wordpress blogs, and the web hosting company reviews. Check one of the tutorials, which explains on how to install wordpress.


  1. In short, a WordPress self-hosted blog on your own domain is great for most blogging purposes; and is a highly versatile and customisable platform. (My blog at will attest to this, and also contains lots of how-to tips pertaining to customising the theme on a self-hosted WordPress blog.)

    There is a snag with WordPress, however, as far as the corporate world and business are concerned: that being that the WordPress code is totally open-source and available to all at any time. This makes hacking a lot easier as far as professional experienced hackers are concerned. - So in short I would say that business-users would be safer using a non-open-source platform. - Otherwise I'd agree that it's much better to use a self-hosted WordPress blog than a Blogger, Blogspot, or any other non-self-hosted platform.

  2. This post is just so wrong...

    I don't know about previous Blogger SEO problems, but nowadays I get traffic like crazy! I show up 1st on pretty simple searches, such as: "druid leveling spec 3.3.5" (depends on the location of course)

    I agree that Blogger has its issues, but most of those issues aren't at all SEO related (at least not anymore that is), but rather font (and font color) related. I'm having a real hard time with my blog after I finally changed the default font to be 2 pixels bigger and changed it from black to grey (I have a black blogpost background).

    Blogger DOES allow you to buy your own domain for as little as 10$ the year. After doing this, Blogger still hosts your blog for free if you wish for it to (+ it directs all the traffic from the old domain (for example "" to "").

    It also DOES allow you to host your blog elsewhere after buying your own domain.

    CONCLUSION: Blogger and WordPress aren't really concurrents, and are. doesn't host your blogs for you for free; does.

    Source: I have used both (for 2-3 years now; I have gotten ~3 million pageviews) and (I kinda hated it).


  3. My company has been using blogger for a while. I thought that since Google owns them it would be an advantage. After reading this post I think I may make the switch. Does anyone know if i should transfer all the posts or should leave them and start over?

    • Hi Don, you can transfer all your posts from blogger to WordPress, just that you need to maintain the permalink structure. In case you need our helping doing that, contact our webmaster from the contact us page.

  4. I'm a Blogspot user (have also used WP). I think Blogspot has issues with SEO and a small support community compared to WP. It's so much easier to install a plug-in that will do all the SEO work for you, which Blogspot doesn't really have. The only way you can combat this is by implementing on-page and off-page SEO yourself; which I find not such a big deal.

  5. I started with blogger, which paid for my new wordpress blog. I've already made up my mind to move the blog from blogger to wordpress after spending several months research the easiest way to move.

  6. Ofcourse, wordpress is best as a blogging platform. WordPress coupled with Thesis theme is the killer combination for any blog's success.

  7. I am a blogspot user since 2007 and I am satisfied with it, even though it has some SEO issue. It is super secure, customizable and above all, it is completely free.

  8. I am using Blogger and after researching more and more i now think that wordpress is better :\

  9. WordPress has now become synonym with Blogging. Most of the bloggers just prefer to use wordpress than any other platforms.

  10. this makes me sad. I just started blogging a week ago and i use blogger. I guess blogger isn't that bad..

    In defence to blogger i must say it is really simple to use. You can get a domain name and still use blogger for hosting, no need to buy web hosting. And lastly hmmm i cant think of any other reason but still am using it:D

    I know wp is better:/

  11. Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing this article! Seems very true, Now I must think of shifting y blog to WP!

  12. I never used Blogger, but I think wp is the best, coz of its simplycity and easy user interface.. :)

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