Proxy Pro- The Ultimate Remote Desktop Software For Your Business

You’ve heard of lot many Remote Desktop software, if you haven’t then it is a software program which allows you to connect to a computer located in some other (remote) location, and see  that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were your computer.


You can find many uses of such application, especially useful if you are trying to help someone over computer or trying to access workplace computer from home, and many companies use it for providing live tech support. Or maybe you can use it help old people or kids to use any application on computer when you are in office or away from home.

 Remote Access Software PC

Proxy Pro is one of the premier Remote Desktop Software because of its excellent remote desktop connectivity and other capabilities. It is already a very popular software used in the tech industry and mainly used in tech companies to provide real time tech support and also to provide various help resources to their clients or their affiliate companies.

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Products lineup

There are 3 versions of proxy pro remote desktop, Workstation Edition, Gateway Edition and the Screen Recording Edition. Let’s see what they offer.

PROXY Pro 7 Workstation Edition

This edition is ideal for small to medium networks. It uses a peer-to-peer remote access connection model to allow helpdesk technicians to reach remote machines quickly and easily. In this model, the technician runs a console application (PROXY Pro Master) on his/her local computer and connects directly to an agent application (PROXY Pro Host) on remote computers.

PROXY Pro 7 Gateway Edition

This edition uses a hub-and-spoke network model to establish a remote desktop connections to large numbers of remote PCs both inside and outside the corporate domain. Ideal for larger networks and for networks with many PCs outside corporate domain.

PROXY Pro 7 Screen Recording Edition

This includes screen recording server software and integration tools to capture the screen displays of large pools of PCs simultaneously. The integration tools enable customers and partners to synchronize the screen recordings with audio recordings and convert integrated recordings to .wmv format. Ideal for call centers interested in auditing and quality management solutions.

Proxy Pro stands out from the others out there in the market because of its cost and efficient solution. Not only that you can access a remote PC but also achieve many tasks like a geek. Remote display and screen recording/playback products for remote support and remote collaboration.


  • Access remote PC: It has the ability to view the end user screen activity along with proper authorization in real time.
  • Remote Clipboard: It poses the ability to copy selected items on the screen of a remote machine into the clipboard and also allows you to transfer the content to clipboard on local machine as well
  • File Transfer: It can enable you to drag and drop files from remote computer to local machine.
  • Host-based Chat: It comes with a perfect chat mechanism for both remote as well as local machine to enable of interaction of various information.
  • Remote Printing: It also has the ability to print selected text on local machine as well as remote machine.
  • Host Administration: It has the ability to view and edit configuration settings of the PROXY Pro Host which has been put up on the remote host.

Though I agree that Proxy Pro is not only the best you can get, but it fits most of the uses of a business model remote desktop application.

If you want to give it a try before you rate it, then you can get a 30 days free trail from here