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Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%   If you're a small business owner, or are familiar with IT at all, you understand how important data storage management is. With the hundreds- sometimes thousands of emails, documents and transfers happening daily, you want to make sure your data is not only stored properly, but also properly protected, this is where the CDW Data Storage Management And Virtualization Solutions come into play with their effective data storage solutions which will surely impress and you will be thankful to us for telling you about it. Well i know you are interested in data storage management solutions and virtualization if you're still reading this post. We are going  to tell you all the details you need.



Firstly, CDW is an Illinois, US based company founded in 1984 and is a leading provider of technology products and services for businesses, government and education. They offer assistance on data storage management and virtualization solutions for both beginners and veterans in the field. CDW offers assistance by providing consultation and suggestions to help build a scalable solution. To put it simply, data storage management and virtualization solutions are tools, processes, and policies used to manage storage networks and storage services.  They are truly integral to a company because they can introduce or increase flexibility and optimization, and help with performing non-disruptive file migrations and make storing your files hassle free.


CDW data storage management and virtualization solutions can be beneficial in almost all types of your needs, be it a business or anything in which you need to store large amount of data. Data storage management is one of the most critical components of any business – big or small. Any company sends/receives hundreds to thousands of emails, documents and other types data through the internet or other mediums daily and for a company to run systematically all the important data, here we are talking of huge data, the data must be properly categorized, stored and secured for future retrieval and use and this is where you will need a powerful data management/virtualization solution is required to handle all these tasks effectively and CDW's offering is second to none. If your organization is not readily embracing storage management and virtualization Solutions then you can explain to them on how you can implement it better according to the company's needs and wherein the company, it may be truly beneficial.

Its the combination of great features that really make things work when considering a data storage solution and CDW offers some really  tempting features. Let's take a look at each, individually.
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs) – Network storage designed to be accessible and act like locally attached storage devices.  SANs provide good file support for organizations with a healthy flow of data and a team that relies largely on data for day-to-day operations.
  • Blade Servers – stripped down computers that rely on a blade enclosure for power and other resources.  These provide a way to scale while saving on resources and are a good solution for businesses with dynamic data needs.
  • Storage Management Software – This provides centralizes management of both your data and your storage solutions.  With storage management software, you can automate data processes and remove complexity from the management of your system.
  • Archiving Software – Archiving software helps manage your data's file cycle and retention, streamlining the process and making available more resources.
  • E-Discovery Software – This hits home for anyone who has spent hours searching for a critical file in their system.  E-Discovery software makes it much faster and easier, using archiving as a base.
  • Data De-duplication – That's DE-duplication, as in making sure you don't have 20 of the same flat file on disk.  This provides decent space savings.
  • Data Storage Virtualization – Commonly used in SANs, data storage virtualzation combines multiple data points into one system for ease of use and access.

Although you already know by now much details about CDW data storage management and virtualization solutions but you can still download CDW's Red Report for free for a limited time from this link. This document will give you an exclusive insider view as to how you can manage your data and you can learn how to: • gain faster access to critical info • better support their workforce • protect organizational data • eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies CDW's website

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