What Is OCR Software And How To Use It

PDF is the most advanced text format that’s available right now. What makes this format so good is the fact that it’s able to present documents without needing the help from third party apps, hardware or software. There are many PDF converters on the web right now but not all of them are as good as the others. What makes the biggest difference between them is the amount of features they present.

OCR software benefits

What Makes A PDF Convertor Great?

There is a simple way of making the difference between a good PDF converter and great PDF converter. A good and reliable PDF converter will always offer free ocr software. Having this feature will come in quite handy. What does OCR do? Well, basically it allows users to convert different documents and images in to PDFs. For example users can take a picture of a restaurant menu and convert in to a PDF. Now the restaurant menu will be searchable and editable.

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Why Is OCR Important?

This software has many purposes, and all of them have been developed especially to save time. Instead of being required to rewrite an essay, users will be able to simply put the file through OCR and convert it to PDF. Even better, the converting process is quite simple. All that users are required to do is to simply scan the designated picture or document.

Another great use for OCR is that users can take any handwritten files and then convert them into PDF. This feature will come in quite handy whenever users have to search through a pile of files for a specific paragraph. In fact, surveys are showing that companies that work with paper documents are using OCR to store data.

How Does It Work?

Even though the converting process is really simple what happens behind the covers is quite complicated. The developers behind OCR equipped it with all existing fonts and characters and this is how OCR is able to tell what’s written in a picture. The software takes all the information it finds in the picture and then compares it to its entire font and style database. The comparison is then put in a basic spell checker and that’s how the information comes out.

Where Can OCR Software Be Fund?

OCR is usually stored in the PDF converter software, but it can also be found online. Readers should know that they can scan any document or picture they want through OCR online. There are many PDF software developer teams that offer this service such as Soda PDF Online.

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