10 Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing Need to be avoided

Human beings gain maturity through mistakes. Though weird, it is the truth. We commit mistakes and learn from our mistakes. So far as mobile app marketing is concerned, even a silly mistake can ruin things. Millions of apps are available in the app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From there, you can assume the tough competition you might have to face. The chance of making mistakes is really high.

*A list of mistakes and how we can avoid them is given below to better your Mobile App Marketing.

10 Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing need to be avoided
Mobile App Marketing

  • Taking mobile experience same as that of the desktop:

If you consider that mobile experiences are not different from the desktop, you are wrong. The user experience of a mobile app has a little in common with the desktop. So, you need to treat the two in different ways. A mobile user tends to switch to other sites quickly than desktop users. For desktop users, you can put a lot of contents; but for a mobile app, you should put only as much content as is required to inform the users. Apart from these, we should not forget that mobile apps can detect our locations that is not possible when a person is using the desktop. So, when you are building your app, you must keep in the mind the differences because the functional and design-related flaws will have a negative impact on your app marketing strategy.

  • Jumping over an app without a proper marketing plan:

Often people get influenced by seeing the download number of an app. But they should understand that this number does not assure it that an app will be successful only by being published in the app stores. If you already have an online presence (a website or landing page), it would help you to market your app properly. You can let your customers know that you have an optimized app whenever they visit your website. Before creating an app, you should make yourself familiar with the most common platforms for mobile apps. App stores can be regarded as mediums through which people can discover apps. Still, many app owners neglect basic things to optimize their apps in the app store like the app title, keywords and description of the app. You need to utilize all the channels including your email list, official Facebook page, a Twitter account to promote your app. In short, don’t go directly to build an app without paving the path of its marketing.

  • Trying to make a mobile site act as the app:

If you publish an app which is basically the launcher for your mobile website, it will give your customers the impression that you have the least idea about mobile. If this is the case, they obviously do not take much time to find an alternative option. In most of the cases, the native apps are made for several Internet connections and these are made for a fixed period of time. There are many entrepreneurs who try to build a mobile app that is a replica of their website. Well, if you are thinking to embrace this approach, then you should discard your plan as soon as possible. This is not the right approach. Apart from this, you should not employ a number of platforms; rather you should employ a cross-platform based language for programming that helps to get native apps suitable for several environments. For instance, you can consider Appcelerator, PhoneGap, Xamarin etc.

  • Neglecting the customer base:

Do you know where the true power of mobile comes? It comes from the individual nature of the device. When the user downloads your app, they will actually carry you in their pockets. Now, you can understand what’s the importance of consumers. You need to let them know how important they are for you. For this, you can create communication channels for two ways. In this way, you can make each customer feel special. It is quite natural that your customers who are using your app will have questions, advice, and issues. With the advancement of the app market, the demand of the customers is rapidly increasing.  The main areas where you must please your customers are responsiveness and customer service. Their ratings and reviews mean a lot for your app. So, you should never ignore your consumer base.

  • Insisting too much on CPI ( cost per installation):

A low cost per installation or CPI is very helpful for those marketers who want to get the most within their limited budget. But you should not make your app marketing strategy centred around it. In most of the cases, people who install your app do not produce the revenue, only a few high-quality customers do that. So, you can optimize the cost per loyal user in order to reap all the benefits of paid ads. Too much dependency on the CPI is not good for your mobile app marketing.

  • Spending less on the ad:

Your budget may be limited, but you cannot get a satisfying result if you do not spend on the ad. You should not pick simply one or two networks for advertising. It can prevent you to reach a wide section of your audience. You need to include both local and worldwide networks in your mobile app marketing strategy. For instance, you should not only look for mobile app marketing Orange County (or any other city you reside in), rather you should try to get hold over the global market. For this, you need to spend on multiple networks.

  • Skipping optimization across and within the networks:

Have you skipped optimization across or within the networks? Then you have committed another mistake that can affect your mobile app marketing. There are some networks which would be best particularly for your kind of apps. You should be specific about particular apps. Sometimes, ads that are doing good on one network may fail to do anything on other networks. So, do research, point out the helpful sub-segments of traffic both across and within the networks.

  • Depending on multiple analytical sources:

All of your advertising channels will give you reportings in order to track the results. It can make you confused; even it can misguide you. What you actually need is an inclusive view of all of your campaigns, rather than analytics from multiple sources as that can drag you into a confusing position. So, try to find a partner who can help you to track all of your campaigns together.

  • Partnered with media not fully devoted to mobile marketing:

When your main aim is to market your mobile app, you should choose a media partner which focuses fully on mobile. Often app owners ignore mobile advertisements while the long-term success of an app depends on the mobile advertisements.

  • Missing to interpret the value of App Store Optimization:

Do you know what is actually app store optimization or ASO? Basically, it is a process through which you can optimize your app to help it reach to more people. In most of the cases, people do not have sufficient knowledge of ASO and therefore, they miss some important factors. To avoid your loss, you need to keep these factors in your mind such as:

  • Each platform has a different set of terms and rules:

It is very important to know about the terms and practices of each platform you are going to use. You should be aware of the differences between the two platforms like iOS and Android.

  • The assumption is the base of ASO:

App store optimization is entirely based on assumption. Apple and Google do not offer the exact search and competition data. So, the businesses, along with the third-party platforms need to do vast research on it.

  • ASO is a long process:

You should not expect ASO offering results overnight. It is a long process that requires testing, measuring, and functioning in order to reach the final outcome. So, you should keep patience.

A Final Takeaway:

No one can deny that mobile apps are becoming inevitable for bridging the gulf between the businesses and their customers. Therefore, it is very important to do mobile app marketing properly. If you can avoid these ten common mistakes, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a mobile app for your business.

About the Guest Contributor:

Helen Lopez is working with Mobixed for a long time. She knows very well how a website or mobile app should be built and optimized to draw the attention of potential customers. She provided valuable mobile app marketing tips in her blogs.

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