Where does obs recording Saves?

where does OBS save recording

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free software for live streaming videos and is also called “OBS studio”. It is used to stream previously obs recording or live videos on social media. It is most popular among price attentive live streamers. This highly personalized software has many advantages. It helps you link and stream your content from your PC to BandLab. It has the ability to stream your previously recorded videos as live and it let you demonstrate scenes and modify them during live streaming. With the help of OBS a scene can be an image, text, screen recording, pre obs recording videos or all of these can be done on a single screen. 

OBS is feature packed software. Technically, OBS offers real-time source, broadcasting, device capture, recording, and encoding and scene composition. In this software, communication of data is done through Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). This data can be sent to any platform that supports RTMP (Facebook and YouTube). OBS is an open source streaming and obs recording service delivered by the OBS project. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Linux, Mac and all the latest versions. 

Another valuable feature of OBS is it is capable to save recordings. If you have a basic recording of your stream, with the help of OBS software you can make all types of edits in that obs recording. Even your live stream platform (clip feature of Twitch) editing software does not allow you to do such type of alterations or edits. When you have the approach to your live stream’s untreated files, the world is your shellfish. OBS does not save your live stream Obs recordings automatically. You need to click “start streaming and then click “start recording” to allow the OBS to save the videos of your stream. 

Considerable Features Of OBS (Latest Version):

Hotkeys: hotkeys allow the broadcasters to reestablish video production assignments swiftly. This feature concedes easy progression between scenes. 

OBS MultiViewer’: it allows you to achieve multiple views of video production sources at a peek. With this new trait you can display a complete screen including all scenes of a video (up to 8) in a stylish layout.

xBox Camera control: it allows you to work with up to 4 cameras. xBox camera controller offers zoom, incline and full pan performance with up to 4 camera switching option. 

NDI plug-in: NDI plug-in feature of OBS provides prompt input and output NDI proficiency. Users can import and export NDI audio and video sources.

Studio mode with double click scene switching: Studio mode in OBS serves enormous increase in productivity of innovative live streaming. With the help of double click scene switching you can switch camera scenes immediately with a double click. 

Image mask: by using image mask method users can construct mask around live video feeds to show the video online inside a custom outline only.

How To Record With OBS:

If you are not aware of how to record your streaming videos with OBS, I am here to help you. You just need to go to the “settings” option. Then click “broadcast settings”. Just above the “file path” option, you can see “save to file” option. Mark the box next to “save to file” and it’s done. 

Where does OBS save recordings 1

If you are a regular streamer or your streams go for hours and hours, in that case your Obs recordings are going to be immense because OBS recordings consume a high amount of space on your hard drive. You can also change (where you want to save) the recording path by making some changes in settings. 

Now Coming To, Where Does OBS Save Recordings? 

If you have not made any settings for the storage of obs recordings, then by default OBS will save your recordings to the place where OBS is installed on your PC.  You can see your obs recordings there and if you want to save in a separate folder or place then you can change the location.

Go to the settings.

Where does OBS save recordings 2

Then click “broadcast settings” option.

Where does OBS save recordings 3

Under the “broadcast settings” option, you can see “file path” column. Here you can see and set the location for saved obs recordings. 

C:\Users\rads\Desktop\set the file path.PNG

This software is most recommended for people who stream usually and upload videos on social media and YouTube or other similar platforms. You can use the saved obs recordings to create video clips which you can transform into various kinds of promotional videos. These kind of promotional videos are helpful to encourage the people to watch your channel. You can create a complete promotional trailer from these clips and post it on your YouTube channel. You can design other marketing stuff like twitter headers, phone wallpapers and screenshots. You can produce profoundly shareable clips by modifying these videos. 

Advantages Of Using OBS Software:

It is free of cost.

It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

It is remarkably customizable

Very trustworthy having very little bugs

It consumes light CPU usage.

Disadvantages Of Using OBS Software:

There is no associated support available (only community support)

Do not have multi streaming feature

Newcomers may find it difficult to set up.


If you are looking for software where you want additional granulated control and a top quality screen recorder for free just go with OBS. It can stream direct to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Mixer and much more similar kind of platforms. 

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