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Whether you are writing an email to your boss, or preparing your resume, or writing a blog, or simply posting on social media, some common grammatical mistakes can make you look silly and It can be embarrassing to be called out for simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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Have you ever wished for an extra pair of eyes to proofread the content for you? Linguix is here to save you, it is an AI-based writing assistant that works seamlessly to help you to prevent any writing errors. Linguix is one step ahead with 2700+ advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections and a lot more. Our content team here at use it every day, and so we wanted to share our honest review of Linguix and why you should use it too. 

Linguix Review

Why should you use Linguix? 

Linguix can be a lifesaver when it comes to writing content. We can probably list down 100 things you can do with Linguix, but to keep things simple, here are the reasons for which you should use it:

  • Chrome extension that doesn’t crash your browser
  • Double click a word for definitions and thesaurus
  • Insanely fast plagiarism checker
  • Never get stuck for a word while writing
  • Eliminating writing mistakes and improving grammar
  • It also provides consistency to your writing
  • Create quick snippet shortcuts for long statements for emails
  • Speed up email response with canned statement shortcuts
  • Get context-appropriate writing recommendations
  • Get 2700+ advanced grammar, spelling, and style corrections
  • Linguix fixes grammar errors as you write to improve your content


Web Editor:

The speed of the Linguix app is a lot faster than other softwares. All the errors get highlighted with the help of Linguix extension as soon as you start viewing your documents or texts on the Web.

linguix Web Editor

Browser Extensions:

Extensions are available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Edge. After downloading the extension you can easily use the Linguix while typing on any software or applications. The web extension provides you seamless integration in the existing web writing works. You are also provided with refined word definitions as well as the suitability of the synonyms.

linguix chrom extension

Advanced Writing Insights:

Advanced Writing Insights:

The advanced writing insights are already present in the applications and are now available in the extensions as well and it highlights the texts on the web which require correction. You can view your writing insights from the Statistic Module on the left side of the page. From there you can easily view the stats of characters, words, sentences and even readability score. 

advanced writing insights

In addition, you can find more insights in the Audience tab, where  you can set your goals. You will be able to view the words, characters and the length of sentences that you have entered.

linguix Audience tab

Style guide:

This feature helps to keep the teams aligned with the shared library of words, terms, software and, phrases that are only available.

Linguix Review - Must Have AI Writing Assistant 2
  1. Suggestions :
linguix style guide

2.  Preview:

linguix preview


This feature allows you to complete your email and social writing at a much faster rate. You can assign a shortcut by hitting ?? Space on Mac or Shift+Ctrl+Space on Windows for instantly inserting the template.

how to set linguix Snippets


linguix keyboard app

Linguix also provides the user keyboard suggestions. It helps to work faster and efficiently.

iOS keyboard :

Android Keyboard:

User Interface:

linguix User Interface

 In February 2021 they added a Plagiarism checking engine released for early adopters and moving onwards in the last few months they have added a lot of features like sentence rephrasing, additional add-on, Outlook for words, and many other features that will also be added in consecutive months. After adding the Linguix as a Google Chrome extension on the web, it will make the corrections by highlighting the texts and suggesting the lists of suitable options.  You can even overcome the common mistakes done while writing like missing proper articles, the base form of a verb, and insertion of the possessive apostrophe. Linguix can also help in correcting the propositions and quantifiers.

Example of preposition correction:

IncorrectA lot people turned out for the election.
CorrectA lot of people turned out for the election.

Example of quantifier correction:

IncorrectJim has taken many flight.
CorrectJim has taken many flights.


  • It is easy to use and has a clean interface.
  • It provides Vocabulary tests and English webinars that help in the improvement of English.
  • It is affordable to use
  • Snippet shortcuts
  • Templates
  • It offers lifetime plan and integrations with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari
  • It also provides an iOS keyboard as well as an Android keyboard
  • It is also well-designed for Education purposes.


  • If you have both Linguix and Grammarly extensions then you will find that sometimes the Linguix shows suggestions lately.
  • There is no free version available.

Unique Selling Point

linguix templates

Beside grammar and plagiarism checking it has its unique property of content creation. It is still difficult for many students as well as the content writer beginners to complete their task without any grammar and typographical errors. So the Linguix has come up with the inbuilt template for different topics. There is a unique library of 20 templates consisting of documents of different types like essays, business-related texts (press releases about new hires), marketing(white papers, blog posts).

Another unique point there are Chrome and Firefox extensions available which you can instantly use while writing on the web.  There is also a paste bin app where you can paste your message and a fixing option will be available to you, once you apply them your text will be corrected and as you leave the page the information will be deleted.

linguix premium snippets

Last but not least there is also an option of Snippet with the help of which you can automate your typing tasks

Comparisons with Alternatives Software : 

Grammarly Vs Linguix

  • Grammarly is mainly used by teams of all sizes whether the team is writing emails or articles. Whereas Linguix is mainly used for reaching out to the right audience with the right message and fewer efforts
  • Grammarly does not have the option of snippet whereas Linguix does
  • Grammarly provide support through emails, tickets, and live support whereas Linguix provides support through email, phone, and tickets
  • Grammarly is quite expensive in comparison to Linguix
  • Grammarly does not provide team collaboration and ready-made templates whereas Linguix does.
  • Grammarly starts from $11.66 whereas Linguix starts from $5
  • Training in Grammarly is done online and also via documentations whereas in Linguix it is only done via documentations

Grammarly Pricing:

Free plan

Premium plan:$11.66 per month

Business Plan: $12.50 per month per member

Pro WritingAid Vs Linguix:

  • Pro WritingAid does not work on mobile applications whereas Linus works on both desktop and mobile applications.
  • Pro WritingAid allows both free trial and free version whereas Linguix only provides a free trial, no free version is available
  • Pro WritingAid provides the support of emails and tickets whereas Linguix only provides support through email, phone, business-related to the end tickets
  • Pro WritingAid starts from $70 per year whereas Linguix starts from $18.95 per month.

Pro WritingAid pricing: 

Premium: $40 per year

Premium Plan: $45 per year

White Smoke Vs Linguix:

  • White Smoke is used for writing professional business reports and documentations whereas Linguix is used so that the right message is delivered to the right audience
  • White Smoke points out when there is too much use of the same words whereas Linguix does not do the same
  • In White Smoke, the training is available in documentation and videos whereas in Linguix the training is available only in documentation
  • White Smoke starts from $5 per month whereas Linguix starts from $18.95 per year.
  • White Smoke provides support of phone calls whereas Linguix does not.

White Smoke Pricing:

Web Plan: $5 per month

Premium Plan: $6.66 per month

Business Plan: $11.50 per month

Use Cases:



  • Apology for Negative interactions
  • Apology from Management email
  • Mass Mailing Apology Email
  • An Apology to Regain Trust Email
  • Scheduling a Meeting at work
  • Follow-up Email


  • Cover Letter
  • CV


  • Personal Apology |Email
  • Cover Letter for Internship
  • IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic Template


  • Press Release: New Hire
  • Case Study for Marketing
  • e-book
  • Bio(professional in a company)
  • Press Release: General Media Update


  • Argumentative Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Literary Analysis
  • Descriptive Analysis
  • SAT Essay Template



linguix pricing

Personal: $8 per month

Business: $10 per month per member

Enterprise: Tailored price plan

Features in Premium Plan :

  • Basic and advanced grammar
  • Punctuation checks
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Integrations with millions of websites
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Genre specific writing style checks
  • Unlimited grammar checker
  • Access to the content templates library
  • Access to the content template library
  • Mini helper for better content navigation
  • Synonyms suggestions


UI Ratings: 8/10

Features: 9/10

Pricing: 9.8/10

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