Accenture To Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Mankind Pharma

The new update has been made recently by the Mankind Company that it is doing a collaboration with the Accenture for its technological advancement. Mankind, is India’s 4th largest Pharma company. Mankind has a broad connection which operates in 34 overseas destinations having its grasp over 14,000 happy agents. This company is now collaborating with Accenture, which is a global professional servicing company specializing in digital, cloud, and security for accelerating and transforming their business into an intelligent enterprise with the data-driven cloud platform. Mankind is regarded as the leading research-driven Pharma Manufacturing Company with its best products named Unwanted 72, Manforce Tablets, Manforce Condoms, Prega News, Manforce Staylong Gel, Gas-O-Fast, Adiction, Kaloree 1, and many more.

Mankind pharma

“At Mankind Pharma, we are committed to product innovation so we can provide high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to people across the world,” said Arjun Juneja, chief operating officer, Mankind Pharma. “Digitally transforming our business processes with support from Accenture has been key to unlocking value trapped within the organization, accelerating real-time decision making and improving our product innovation lifecycle.”

The sole agenda of this partnership is improving digital performance as well as operational efficiency which in return will make their business more agile. Accenture is helping the pharmaceutical company in redesigning certain business processes like finance, supply chain, sales, and procurement for better inventory optimization, demand planning, productivity, and product availability. Accenture has set up a digital platform of Microsoft Azure cloud-based data lake named SAP S/4HANA® and Tableau dashboards. All these integrations are successful in providing cloud-based analytics for getting more depth insights. All these insights can be helpful for the management team in making the decisions around the strategies, plannings as well as development. Even in the pandemic, the ongoing project was not ceased, instead, it was carried out remotely leading to zero loss impact in the business.

Rishabh Bindlish, India Life Sciences, and global generics lead, Accenture, added: “Digital reinvention can not only help pharma companies deliver high-quality and hyper-personalized services, but also improve business performance and build resilience against future disruptions. We are focused on helping Mankind Pharma embrace change and emerge as a data-driven enterprise to enhance its customer-centricity bringing innovative offerings to market at a faster pace and scale for patients.”

Accenture has its specialization in skills powered by the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology strategy and Intelligent operation centers in Technology, Consultation, Interactive and Operations services.  The management team of Accenture is totally capable of making the informed decision around market strategies. This platform helps in integrating data in real-time from various sources across the supply chain, workforce, and sales for the collection of the consolidated view of market insights. The company has made its bond and trust stronger with the clients from over 120 countries by serving them with the best technical services. They hold the power to make the change by combining the unique and specialized skills along with experiences.

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