How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi

Ares Wizard is best-known for its prime streaming content and the program Add-ons. Here in this instructional exercise, you will gain knowledge of in detail directions to do the installation-process of Ares Kodi-Wizard for Kodi clients. The set-up method is very much related to every gadget because the UI is identical on all the operating systems. In this way, a similar guide can be executed on all Kodi gadgets. 

If you are the user of Kodi, there is just a 13% percentage possibility that you by no means found out about the Ares -Wizard. It is amazingly mainstream software which is intended to give total optimization and support to your Kodi -database and the intriguing part is, Ares-Wizard for Kodi is totally in favour of utilization.

Purpose of Ares-Wizard:

The old Ares Project was exceptionally prevalent with Kodi add-ons. It included the capacity of streaming the video, music or even playing games. The old one was closed down over legal issues. In any case, Ares Wizard developed with another store repository link with having some things altered. 

It never again underpins the streaming of video or music or different add-ons. Now it is used as a maintenance tool. Ares-Wizard can still be used as a tool for performance management even without those add-ons which have been removed now. For instance, cache optimization takes into account of providing the experience of trouble-free streaming.

Below are the key features of Ares-Wizard which is yet utilizable:

  • Backup
  • Performance- optimization
  • File/Document Management
  • Clear log files
  • Internet speed-test
  • Restore-tool

Other Uses of Kodi:

Ares-Wizard additionally gives a convenient ram sensing software that will mechanically alter the-Kodi cache. This is something that I accomplish for the majority of my Kodi installations- paying little heed to what gadgets we are using. It does some incredible things! 

You will likewise discover a tool that enables you to remove thumbnails, remove bundles, and remove store/temp documents. This is a decent choice as-now one can play out these choices legitimately through Kodi. Alternatively, you can do it through settings in Android on a particular gadget.

The back-up facility is extraordinary for the individuals who need to back up their Kodi- installations formerly they have, precisely how they might want. Kodi -clients can take the backup document and even share it with their companions who can restore through this nifty tool.

The following are the process to pursue to Install Ares-Wizard on various devices: 

The most effective method to Install Ares-Wizard on Kodi (Step-By-Step Guide with Screenshots) 

Pursue this process to install the Ares-Wizard on Kodi to encounter the remarkable features of this software

Step-1: Download Kodi/Launch Kodi- the tool 

Kodi Download- tool on Amazon ‘Firestick’ gadget from opening the Apps -> then download Kodi.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 1

Step-2: Click-On -> ‘Settings’

From the upper left corner, open Gear symbol and after that select System-settings

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 2

Step-3: Enable the “Unknown Sources”

Go to the System Settings -> then the Kodi Add-Ons -> then the Unknown Source -> then Enable by moving the slider.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 3

Step-4: Browse through “File Manager”

Go to a stage back and click -> “File Manager”.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 4

Step-5: Click on -> “Add Source”

In this press, the right-side button on the remote and click -> “Add source”.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 5

Step-6: Select -> ‘None’

Select ‘None’ to alter the address of repository.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 6

Step-7: Enter the Repository Address

Type the respective address from the remote. You can find working Ares-repo – OR OR 

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 7

Step-8: Click -> ‘Add-Ons’

Go Back to the Kodi Homepage -> then to the Add-Ons.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 8

Step-8: Select the “Package Installer”

From the top-most left corner, Choose the “Package-installer”.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 9
Kodi Addons

Step-9: Select -> “Install From Zip”

From the list, click -> “Install from Zip”

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 10

Step-9:- Select the Ares 

Select “ares” repository folder from the shown list.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 11

Step-10: Select “”

Open the Ares -Repo folder and choose “”.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 12

Step-11: Select  ->Install From Repository/Zip-file where you saved

Head back and select “Install from repository”./ “Zip-file”

Step-14: Choose Ares-Wizard

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 13

Open the folder Ares-Wizard from All Repositories-option then Choose -> “Program Add-Ons” and select -> “install”.

Ares Wizard on Kodi
Ares Wizard on Kodi

So, we have successfully installed Ares-Wizard on Kodi of version 17.6. Now, all the features and functionalities are ready to use which are offered by the “Ares -Project Wizard”. 

Navigate to Kodi homepage and afterward head over to the Program Add-ons folder and then open Ares-Wizard addon to the device. 

Many outstanding features from Ares-Wizard can be experienced on Kodi-tool. Ares Project-tool is 100 percent working and we can optimize our Kodidata for the experience of trouble-free streaming.

Installing Ares-Wizard on -Kodi “17.6- Krypton”

Kodi is a software which is exceptionally adaptable. Most of the add-ons are accessible that let you watch films, TV-shows, tune in to music or radio, or play games around employing copying.

Ares-Wizard is one spot where one can find all those features with additional significant features like support. Here are the steps on to install “Ares-Wizard above Kodi 17.6- Krypton”.

Step 1: Set up Kodi-tool on your system

Step 2: Establish Kodi-

Step 3: Click-on -> Settings “gear” symbol which is in the upper-left corner 

Step 4: Browse -> File-Manager and click it

Step 5: On the following screen, choose -> “Add Source”

Step 6: Now click -> “None” so that manually address can be modified  

Step 7: Once in“Edit” mode, copy and paste this URL link: in the URL field

Step 8: Select a name for this folder, our suggestion would be to name it as Ares.

Step 9: Get back to Home-Screen and dive into Add-ons section

Step 10: Click the -> small box symbol which is on the upper left corner

Step 11: Choose -> Install from the zip-file

Step 12: Navigate over and choose Ares-wizard and then select a .zip-file which has the first name as “script”

Step 13: Click -> “OK” and stay put till the installation is complete

Step 14: Get back to the Home-Screen another time and go into -> Program Add-ons

Step 15: Click the -> Ares-Wizard

At last, Ares-Wizard is now successfully installed on your -Kodi 17.6-Krypton.

Steps for installing Ares-Wizard on -Kodi “Jarvis- Version 16” 

Till now, we have seen the steps to install Ares-Wizard on “17.6- Krypton”, it’s time to discuss the steps for installing the same on -Kodi Jarvis.

Step 1:-Establish-Kodi

Step 2:- Get into System and then enter into File Manager

Step 3:- Double-click -> ‘Add Source’ and choose ‘None’ to go into edit mode

Step 4:- Type this URL link: co/repo/ in the given field

Step 5:- Choose a folder name

Step 6:- Go back to the Home-Screen and get into System

Step 7:- Browse through Add-ons, from zip-file install it, and the folder you have added now would appear, choose that

Step 8:- ‘repository.aresproject’ has ‘’, choose that and stay put till the installation is over.

Step 9:-In the Home-Screen, choose -> System -> Add-ons Program

Step 10:- Now select the Ares-Wizard from the shown list

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The best way to genuinely secure ourselves and remain unknown when you are using Kodi and its different add-ons is to use a VPN for streaming the content. 

Virtual Private Network(VPN) encodes web traffic and satires your area. Significantly, you remain mysterious while utilizing Kodi’s outsider add-ons because the ISP could detect it somehow. DMCA would you give the notice if you end up using it. 

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Is Ares-Wizard Legal? 

Earlier, Ares-Wizard was illegal. Since it no longer provides copyrighted material, it’s completely legal to use Ares Wizards  It’s simply a tool that is used for maintenance that you utilize to keep Kodi’s health in check.

How to fix if Ares-Wizard isn’t running 

Ares-Wizard will not run in case if you’re not utilizing an inert repository.  Since we clarified previously, Ares-Wizard was closed down yet it developed with another new link of repository. : You can bookmark and use this new repository link

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